Tuesday, February 2, 2010

After a THREE month break, I'm back! Happy Birthday Avery!

Name: Avery

Age: 2

Favorite Color: Peent (pink)

Favorite Song: Follow da Poffet (all NINE verses)

Favorite Activities: Dancing, running, jumping, singing, laughing, mothering her babies, reading stories, playing with water, loading toys in every random bag in the house, making smoothies, "helping" mommy, dressing herself.
Favorite Phrase: NO, let me!

Celebrity Look-a-like: Animal (especially with her Rock Star hair every morning)
Favorite Playmate: Parker
Favorite Accessory: ShoesWinning features: Big smile, chubby cheeks, bright blue eyes, dimple in chinWon't go ANYWHERE without: This silly, nasty, hair-collecting "piggy" pen topper. She sleeps with it, carries it in her purse, bathes with it, you name it.Biggest Accomplishments: Speaking in full sentences, almost potty-training herself, learning the words to all of her favorite songs, and somehow managing to keep us all smiling even when she finds "long-lasting lip color" in mommy's purse, and gets it all over herself, and Nannu's carpet on Christmas night!Favorite Snack: Gum (which she actually keeps in her mouth)

New Favorite Dessert: PIGGY cake (what would her birthday be without a cake to match her favorite toy?)
HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY, Little Miss Piggy! Sweet little Avery, we can't believe you're already TWO!!! We've truly enjoyed EVERY stage with you so far, and can't wait to experience more of the joy one little girl can bring. Just STOP GROWING!!!!