Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunflowers, Blue Skies, and Gratitude for my Little Ones!

Last week, Kandis called to tell me that she was heading over to a pretty sunflower field by her house to take pictures of her kids if I wanted to tag along. We'd spent the morning on a field trip at Wheeler Farm, but I decided that naps are we headed over! The kids were tired, but they had fun playing in the dirt and occasionally glancing at the camera! Poor Lily is starting to get used to being dragged all over the place. She definitely sleeps better in the car seat than in her own bed! And I kind of like her cute-tired-sad face. Love this baby!And I can't say enough how much I ADORE my little 2-year old girl. She's sassy, she's a terror, she screams louder than anyone I've ever met, but I just can't get enough of her. Super shy, super smart, super grown up, super sensitive, super girly, and super cute. I feel like I'm watching myself grow up...she's the middle child! I've loved every phase of her life, and I especially love her right now. Her cute, raspy voice always turns heads. She sounds like a cartoon character, but talks like an adult! A few weeks ago at a family reunion, she came within feet of being smashed by a car in the parking lot, and I'm so grateful that in this great big world, Heavenly Father was even watching over my little Avery! Another car turned into the parking lot at just the right moment, saw what was about to happen, and honked to alert the driver (when screams and yells from outside the car weren't heard). Coincidence? I don't think so...someone knows that I probably couldn't handle losing this... I LOVE my Avery!
And though they fight like crazy, they adore each other. Parker and Avery play all day long, which has made the transition to having three SO MUCH EASIER! I'm so glad Avery has Parker to watch out for her!And my little Parker is so grown up! He has so much excitement for life. He wakes up happy every morning, and can't wait to find out what's going to happen next! I love seeing how his little brain is starting to process so much grown up information! He's in preschool 3 times a week now, including one day of tumbling. He's my little social butterfly, and isn't afraid of making new friends, or entering new situations. I'm so proud of how much he's grown up, what a great big brother he is, and how he really cares about making his mom and dad happy. If I'd known how hard being a parent would be, I think I would've decided against it. But I'm glad I didn't know, because I can't imagine life without my little buddy or his little sister followers! Thanks Kandis, for the fun afternoon, and the amazing pictures that helped me remember how blessed I am to be a mom!