Sunday, April 11, 2010

Life in Pictures

I have GOT to start blogging on this blog again! Those of you who don't read FitMePink probably don't even know that I'm 30 weeks pregnant with another little girl! One of these days, I'll catch up! Actually, this might be as good as it's going to get for now... After a quick scan of the never-posted pictures on the computer, here are a few highlights:
First, Michael married Anne last August! My kids are absolutely smitten. I love seeing my baby brother so happy, and I love seeing my kids play with their fun aunt and uncle. (They're still fun because they don't have kids yet! I lost all of my fun-aunt-energy 4 years ago when Parker was born!)

Next, while trying to make these adorable TeePee cupcakes created by my cousin Christie (yes, waaaaay back at Thanksgiving), I nearly burned the house down with my culinary disaster! It wasn't pretty, but I finally figured it out several batches later!

We've played dress-up with cousins (just don't tell Marcus and Joe)! This could be blackmail in a few years!We've had visits from friends! (And yes...some things NEVER change!)We went on a kid-free FREE trip to California and Disneyland. Our FREE hotel room was the CRAPPIEST hotel we've EVER stayed at, but was FREE! We had a blast!We had Easter! (And dyed our new clothes and kitchen table in the process!)And finally, undocumented....I officially have ZERO kids in diapers! (Until June, anyway!) I was VERY reluctant to give into Avery's non-stop requests to use the potty, because potty-training Parker has been nothing less than traumatic, but she did it on her own! She hasn't had a single accident since the day she refused to wear a diaper a week ago after receiving big-girl panties in her Easter basket (which, sadly, is still more than I can say for sweet Parker). So YAY for AVERY!

What have YOU been up to?