Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Country Music Marathon

Since my parents moved to Nashville, Joe's been talking about running in the Country Music Marathon. A few months ago, he decided that this would be the year. His training wasn't exactly up to par, so he decided to run the 1/2 Marathon instead.

I ran this marathon with Joe when we were first married. I seriously thought I was going to die during the race, but crossing the finish line made the pain of the previous 26.2 miles disappear. I started crying and felt like I'd just won $1,000,000. Seriously.

Joe has run in several marathons since, and for me this 1/2 marathon was no different--I always get choked up watching the runners cross that finish line. Especially the ones that look like they want to die. Kind of how I must have looked. I'm always a little jealous, wishing I were the one running. Not the one wanting to collapse, but the one crossing the finish line.

This has made me consider doing this to myself again. I have 5 days to decide. I'm leaving it to all of YOU to help me make up my mind. Am I crazy? Should I do it? Will I die? Should I be more like my husband? He doesn't look like he just ran 13.1 miles, but he feels pretty darn good! I probably won't win $1,000,000 anytime soon, but in October I can definitely feel like it! Help me out, people! And who's with me? I'll feel a lot better if others join the "fun"!

We Miss Daddy!

We're in Nashville visiting my parents. Joe left yesterday. We miss him! When Joe's around, there's a lot less of this, and a lot more of this....

See you in a week. We love you!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

I Want a Brownie!!!!

Can someone else be the mom today?

Who looks better?


Yesterday Joe's sister, Marci, ran her first 1/2 marathon! It was 70 degrees outside, but super windy! We were so excited to see her run by! Way to go, Marci! Almost there...
After 13.1 miles!
Now 4 out of 6 of Joe's siblings are full blown runners. Matt and Brian are next to be converted! We're so proud of you, Marci!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hard Boiled Egg Penguin Salad Toppers and more...

When we heard that Deal or No Deal was coming to town, we knew that it was destiny! Joe HAD to try out! A week ago when we should have been planting a garden, going to the park, cleaning the house, etc., we were standing in line with thousands of other people! Actually Joe went by himself and we met him after Parker's nap. We had the option to make a five minute video instead of waiting for 10 hours, but Joe thought he could make a better impression in person. It worked for the Price is Right in 2005! So Joe showed up in his Elmo T-shirt...dressed to impress!

Joe made it past the first interviewer using his Elmo voice. He made it through the second interviewer singing the National Anthem like a chicken. He resorted back to Elmo for the third interview and was told to leave his application where it was, and "we'll call you!" So we're anxiously waiting by the phone for that call that will probably never come! Oh well! I'm proud of my husband for having no shame if it means he could possibly have a chance at winning some money! Which game show should he go for next?

As part of the process, we had to fill out a NINE page application! I actually learned some new things about my husband and thought I would share! Here are a few of the questions along with his answers:

1) If you were going to be in People magazine, what inside info about you would be put up next to your picture?

Elmo impersonator, has run 8 marathons, puts ketchup on French Toast, past member of a prestigious Men's Chorus, showcased "The Wave" hairstyle at age 11, and is a master baby swaddler.

2)Describe one of your most embarrassing moments:

When in the 4th grade, every student was asked to invent something and present it to the class. I struggled to think of something, so I went to my Grandma for help. She suggested a break-through idea--a "hard-boiled egg penguin salad topper!" I was desperate, so I went with it. When the big day to present our inventions arrived, I realized very quickly that my invention was hands-down the lamest! I was so embarrassed, that I destroyed any evidence of my hard-boiled egg masterpiece before any of my friends witnessed it.

3) What is the weirdest thing about you?

I can transform most any song into a chicken melody.

So there you have it...a taste of my husband. The hard-boiled egg penguin salad topper story had me crying, I was laughing so hard! Who would think of that? I've been trying to think of how I would answer these questions and more. Maybe I'll post my answers later! How about you???

Pink Daffodil Photography

I'm excited to inform all of you that my sister-in-law, Erin, is starting her own photography business! To check out some of her work, click here or here. Or check out her new blog!If you're wondering about the name, Pink is for Breast Cancer (Erin is an almost 6-year survivor!), and the Daffodil is the unofficial cancer flower. I love it!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mr. Fix It

Several months ago, one of our iPods broke. Joe bought it in 2005 with his graduation money. It's one of the classic models....not as cool as all the new ones (video, touch, etc.), but GREAT for our needs. I don't REALLY know what 20GB means, but I know that it's enough to hold more music than we'll probably ever need. And WAY more than our 1GB nano. I don't know how it broke, but for the past several months, the only thing we've been able to see on the screen is a frowny face and a message to contact Apple Support. I tried everything they suggested, but to no avail. When I looked to see how much it would cost to fix it, I figured we might as well just buy a new one rather than pay $249! But we can't exactly fork up the money for a new one, either, so it's been sitting in the junk drawer for a while. Today Parker found it. I let him play with it...he couldn't possibly damage it more. He kept saying, "Music?" to which I responded, "It's broken. We can't play music right now." To which he responded, "I fix it." So he did his thing, pushing as many buttons as he could at once. A few minutes later he said, "Here" and handed me the iPod. I looked at it...the frowny face no longer appeared on the screen. Instead were ALL OF MY PLAYLISTS!!! I yelled, "Parker! You fixed it!" He got a really scared look on his face thinking he was in trouble, but got excited when I ran and turned on the music! So send your broken iPods Parker's way, along with $100...discount included!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Avery's Boyfriend

Last night we were driving home from dinner at Joe's parents' house and Joe gave me the BEST NEWS EVER!!!! This week is Employee Appreciation Week at work, and today just so happened to be "Bring your kids to work day." When he told me that he was going to take Parker, I had a hard time believing him. How would they get ANYTHING done? After some serious thought, he decided that he probably wouldn't last all day, but would take him for the morning. By the time I got there at noon to pick Parker up, Joe was pretty frazzled. But I had a glorious Parker-free morning! I'm sure the customers were questioning whether they'd entered the right place or not...it was a zoo! We stayed for a while, had some free pizza, Kandis came to rescue Carter, and Avery and her new boyfriend Brooks got a little friendly!

Finally Getting Along!

Yesterday was the FIRST time in a LOOOONG time that Parker and Jacob actually just played and had fun with each other instead of screaming and fighting with each other. I LOVED watching them run around and listening to them laugh. I'm always amazed at their caveman-like communication. They don't have conversations, but somehow they communicate.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

First Smile Pictures

I finally decided that it was time to capture Avery's cute smile on camera. Most attempts were unsuccessful. Here's what I got...the big one's at the end! Look at those chubby cheeks and double chin...yes, I do kiss them a goo-gillion times a day! (According to Ben Stiller, a goo-gillion is a One (1) followed by a goo-gillion Zeroes!)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Desperate Housewives Swap

My sister Kimberly is hosting a swap for whatever we housewives are desperate for! Check out the details on her blog. I've never participated in one of these, but I've heard they're lots of fun! Who doesn't want to get something other than bills in the mail? Check it out and sign up before next Friday...April 18th. EVERYONE'S invited!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Happy "28th" Birthday, Mom!!!!

Although there are many things about myself that I'd like to change, there are actually a few that I like! I would have to say that most of my good qualities probably come from my mom (along with a few family quirks!) So on this, her 28th birthday, I'd like to list 28 of hers (thank goodness she's not 52 or some old age like that...then I'd have to really come up with a long list!). Happy Happy Birthday, Mom! ILYSM!
  1. My mom was born on April 8, 1980.
  2. I was born that same year...that's funny.
  3. Next year it will be 1981!
  4. My mom hates clutter! A few days ago Joe was using the butter and left it out on the counter. He went back to get it again and it wasn't there--I'd put it away. He said, "You really are your mom's daughter, aren't you?"
  5. My mom always taught me that I didn't necessarily have to like everyone, but I had to be nice! This was great advice.
  6. Except when it backfired with the nerdy boys who got the wrong idea thinking I liked them when I was just being nice. At least I don't have any enemies!
  7. My mom always taught me that I would feel better after taking a shower. I still feel more relaxed if I'm showered and dressed than if I stay in my pajamas all day. I can put on my pajamas after showering, but I have to shower (and put on at least some mascara).
  8. My mom's not a huge phone person. I'm not either.
  9. I inherited my mom's love of music and singing. I grew up singing the Judd's with my mom and sister.
  10. My mom isn't judgmental.
  11. At all. When I was probably in Junior High, my family went to Magic Mountain. My mom and I were in line for Free Fall (the worst ride ever...it just banged our heads all around the whole time), and she made friends with all the gangsters in line with us.
  12. My mom really loves people. It's not an act!
  13. My mom has ALWAYS been my biggest supporter and fan. When I ran for Student Body President in the 6th grade, she was there to make sure at least one person was cheering for me!
  14. My mom always knew and loved my friends. They all felt welcome in our house. I hope my kids' friends feel the same way about me!
  15. My school projects stressed my mom out as much as they did me! She stayed up late to help me to completion.
  16. And sometimes completed them for me...I would've never gone to Japan if she hadn't filled out the scholarship application!
  17. My mom loves to exercise...she used to go walking at 4 in the morning or some crazy hour like that!
  18. My mom used to make up silly songs for us. I still remember, "Once there was an iddy biddy mouse who came to live in our iddy biddy house..."
  19. To keep me warm while walking, she would march with me and say, "I left, I left, I left my wife and 48 kids but I right, I write, I write to them every night....I left...."
  20. She is super close to her mom and sisters. Family is super important!
  21. My mom has always sacrificed her own needs for ours.
  22. I still call her when I'm sick or need to cry.
  23. My mom never complains about church service.
  24. She also never complains about my dad's church service which leaves her alone a lot of the time!
  25. When I broke my leg in High School, we totally bonded. She helped me get dressed, shower, and have a positive attitude about my situation.
  26. My mom loves trying new lotions, face washes, etc.
  27. My mom loves my dad. Together they raised 3 happy, healthy kids that still love them! I appreciate that more now that I'm a parent.
  28. My mom is my best friend! Happy 28th Birthday, Mom! Here's to many more years of youth!

Here are some lyrics to one of the songs we used to sing together. It describes how I feel about my mom perfectly (and how I know she feels about us). I love you!

"Love Can Build A Bridge

I'd gladly walk across the desert

With no shoes upon my feet

To share with you the last bite of bread I had to eat

I would swim back to save you

In your sea of broken dreams

When all your hopes are sinking

Let me show you what love means

Love can build a Bridge

Between your heart and mine

Love can build a Bridge

Don't you think it's time?

Don't you think it's time?

I would whisper love so loudly

Every heart could understand

That love and only love

Can join the tribes of man

I would give my heart's desire

So that you might see

The first step is to realize

That it all begins with you and me

Love can build a Bridge

Between your heart and mine

Love can build a Bridge

Don't you think it's time?

Oh, don't you think it's time?

When we stand together

It's our finest hour

We can do anything, anything

Anything, anything

Keep believin' in the power

Love can build a Bridge

Between your heart and mine

Love can build a Bridge

Don't you think it's time?

Don't you think it's time?

Monday, April 7, 2008

Lessons From a 9-Year Old

Last week we got to watch my 9-year old nephew while his parents went on a fabulous Mexican cruise. He was actually really great to have around. Here's what I learned from Spencer:

  1. Don't give me the option of going to school or not. I'll opt to stay home every time. After three days off, however, I'll realize that playing with other 9-year olds is actually more fun than hanging out with babies and grown-ups.
  2. I will be extremely disappointed that my 22-month old cousin gets to come with me and Uncle Joe to the Jazz basketball game. I will make this apparent while getting off TRAX and requesting that we talk about grown up stuff instead of baby stuff like choo-choo trains all night.
  3. Sleeping in the basement is a little creepy. "It might not seem creepy to you, but if you were my age, you would think it's a little scary too."
  4. I would MUCH rather sleep on the couch than in a nice big bed in said creepy basement!
  5. When you pack my lunch, I will inform you that all I eat are cookies and fruit snacks. When you suggest maybe a sandwich and banana, I'll say, "OK...I guess you just want me to eat something healthy. I guess I'll save the cookies for later."
  6. I'll try to take toys to church. When you suggest leaving the Transformer home, I'll say, "I know I can't bring toys to church! I was just testing you!"
  7. I will make Parker laugh. He will ask for days after I leave, "Where 'Spetter' go?"
  8. Balloons are just as entertaining for me as they are to my little cousin.
  9. I am all about follow-through! If you say we're going to do something, we'd better do it!
  10. I really am good with babies. Let me hold her...she really will stop crying!
  11. Don't freak out when you can't find me at school. I forgot that you were picking me up and took the bus instead! Oops!
  12. I live for Parker's nap time as much as you do! It means I can watch the Cartoon Network!
  13. When asked if I miss my parents and siblings, I will respond, "Well, sorta. But not too much because I know they'll bring me a really cool souvenir!"

Thanks for the fun week, Spencer! We loved having you!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Diapers and regularity!

About a month ago, Avery had about 4 diapers left. For a newborn, this equals about 2 hours. I sent Joe to the store to replenish the supply. Since Sam's Club is closer than Costco, he went there. This has proven to be disastrous in the past (remember the bread incident?) but I didn't think he could fail at diaper buying. I told him what size to buy, and I thought he knew how I felt about generic diapers for newborns. I actually don't mind the Kirkland brand diapers for Parker, but they're actually more expensive than Huggies now...go figure. Sam's Club diapers are a different story. So when Joe came home with a box of TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTEEN crappy diapers, I was a little bugged. When I found out that they weren't really any cheaper than the good ones, I was a little more bugged. His thinking was that the Huggies box held a lot more diapers, and she might grow out of them before we finished the box. So he bought the smaller box (216 diapers) and saved $1.08! Before blogging about it, I decided to give the diapers a try. I had no choice. All four I had left were gone. I really did appreciate Joe going to the store for me, and I wasn't about to brave Sam's Club on my own to return them the next day. After a day of using them, however, I decided that they really weren't so bad after all (as much as I hated to admit it). That was when Avery was pooping five times a day (or more). Now the poor thing is only pooping once a day or once every other day. My almost-two-year old is (unfortunately for me) MUCH more regular...could it be the difference between women and men? The diapers are definitely not holding up! I don't know that Pampers or Huggies would be either, given the circumstances. I so love to be right, though, so I think I will blame the countless blowouts on the diapers. The first 200 were fine, but these last 16 are just not going to work! Do you think my hubby will fall for it? To his credit, he has successfully bought me bread several times now. I'm counting on the right brand of diapers from now on, too.