Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fun and Not So Fun Activities...

FUN: Going on an Easter Egg hunt with your oldest cousin, Spencer.NOT FUN: Trying to keep your kids from eating too much candy. NOT SO FUN: Smiling for the camera.FUN: Digging for gold...

FUN: Eating at Grandma's House

FUN: Playing with toys at Grandma's House.

NOT FUN: Falling asleep in the highchair at your own house!

NOT FUN: Spending an hour curling your hair.
FUN: Being dressed up to sing!
NOT FUN: Trying to get all the Primary kids to hold hands while they sing in the ward talent show.

FUN: Watching the Elders' Quorum perform synchronized swimming, singing with your friend Kandis, and watching your husband excel while playing the cowbell.FUN: Having a clothes dryer that works.

NOT FUN: Having your dryer clogged with a huge bird's nest!

NOT FUN: Swine flu! Finding out that your Mexican ports have been cancelled on your Western Carribbean Cruise.

FUN: Getting to go on an Eastern Carribbean Cruise instead!

NOT FUN: Babysitting for a week.

FUN: Leaving your kids with babysitters for a week! Thanks Mom G. and Kandis! Good luck!!!!

We'll see you when we get back...hopefully nothing NOT FUN will be reported!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Month, Mom!

So, yesterday, dear Mother, I looked at Michael's blog
My heart completely dropped.
I've lost my mind. Where, oh where did time go?
On your birthday, it forgot to stop!
An unwritten rule we have in our fam,
That on B-day's we must post
a tribute to the special one
To whom we'd like to toast.
But April 8th, it came and left.
And not one post you read.
"What's wrong with my family?" you surely thought.
When not a word was said.
So here's my "tribute apology"
To the one who gave me life.
To the one MOST deserving of all:
My mom, my friend, dad's wife.

When I was just a wee, wee babe,
I learned to count on you
To hold my hand, to kiss my cheek
To help me as I grew.
I'm pretty sure I was quite a brat,
Major attitude every day.
I am probably the #1 reason
Dad's hair has gone so gray!
But you loved me, you taught me,
You watched, and you knew
The things I needed the most.
You loved me and became my best-mommy-friend
Yes, the coolest mom, I'd boast.

Remember the time I broke my leg?
We really bonded back then.
Or after the birth of Parker, my boy?
When reality was sinking in?
You laughed as I cried. His "food" had come in.
I had turned into a milking cow!
"It's not funny," I sobbed, sitting topless with a pump.
Good thing we can laugh at it now.
Throughout my life, there have been ups and downs.
You've helped me turn "downs" into "ups."
Every experience I've had has taught me some thing.
Like when Duchess lost all her pups.
I think the number one thing I have learned,
From dear and sweet mama-you,
Is the importance of just coming together.
Instead of just coming un-glued.
In this life, a family is all,
yes all that we've really got.
We love and support no matter the weather.
And we talk to each other A LOT!
A family should be the bestest of friends.
The ones with whom we spend time.
You should love and support each other through life.
You travel, no matter the dime.
So mom, though it's late, I hope that you know
How indeed important you are.
I'm so thankful for a mom who continues to care
Although in a land somewhat far.
Way out there in Tennessee,
To you, I still call with all news.
The ups and the downs, you're the one I tell first.
When I'm happy, or singing the blues.
Happy Birthday, Mama-Nannu. We love you so much!
Like you, there isn't another.
I'm so very grateful that I have the privilege
of calling someone like you, my mother!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Delinquents in Training

Hello there. Have you missed me? I've missed you more than you know, little blog. See, the only thing that got me through last week was knowing that I had a good story to tell. The story that began early Saturday morning as our friends Colby and Kandis left on an airplane to some warm places of paradise, leaving us in the bitter cold with high hopes of a fun week with four kids under the age of 4. Before you get the wrong idea and think I am any sort of a Saint, don't. They're returning the favor in 24 days as we depart on our Western Caribbean Cruise. Sorry guys, but you're going to need another vacation. Why? These 4 kids are CRAZY! Let me introduce you to the little delinquents.

NAME: Parker
WANTED FOR: Peeing all over my floor.
CAPABLE OF: The defiance you would expect from a 16-year old.
FORM OF COMMUNICATION: Screaming, whining, growling, yelling, screaching.
DISLIKES: Sharing toys.
LIKES: Taking friends into forbidden areas of the house.

NAME: Carter
WANTED FOR: Sleeping with scissors.
CAPABLE OF: Cutting up an old blanket, and stealing brother's binkie.
DISLIKES: Sleeping in the basement.
GOOD AT: Being obedient (and staying in time-out), unlike partner-in-crime, Parker.
FAVORITE ACTIVITY: Filling bags, baskets, and boxes with toys to haul around the house.
NAME: Brooks
WANTED FOR: Happily eating spaghetti, then puking it up ALL. NIGHT. LONG.
KNOWN FOR: Being happy unless hungry.
ATTACHED TO: Binkie and blankie.
WANTS: To be one of the "big boys."
BEST KNOWN FOR: Climbing into the tub fully-clothed.

NAME: Avery
WANTED FOR: Breaking her arm when we weren't watching!
CAPABLE OF: "Limping" when crawling.
KNOWN FOR: Crying A LOT, and wanting to be held constantly.
DISLIKES: Sharing mommy's attention.
LOVES: Dancing.
LIKES: How hair sticks up when she rips her bows out.
RECENTLY: Dove head first into Parker's bath.

After 5 days at my house, Carter and Brooks were thrilled to see their Grandma and Grandpa at our doorstep. I have to admit that I wasn't too sad to see them go. But now our house is empty, my kids are bored beyond belief, and I'm ready for my next assignment. But this time, I'll just leave ice cream and cake out on the counter incase they get hungry, pillows on the floor incase they get tired, plastic on the carpet incase they get sick, or need to pee, a bounce house for Avery incase she decides to try breaking another bone, and scissors incase they get bored. And I'm getting ON the plane! Love ya, kids! Have fun, and don't kill each other!