Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Our Trip To Warsh-ington

When you decide to take a road trip to Washington, first make sure everyone's healthy. Baby vomit isn't the best odor to travel with.
A lways find a hotel close to your final destination last-minute to avoid passing the throw-up bug to all five of Brian and Carrie's kids.
Survive the first night vomit-free, and haul all your stuff to the all-too-generous-to-let-us-crash-the-place-house-of-fun.
Happily watch your almost-3-year-old play for three days straight with his cousins Allie, Josh, Andy, Rachel, and baby Nate.
Ignore the mischief Parker and 3-year-old Rachel are creating--he's never played this well with anyone in his life! There's hope for the social-future of Parker after all!
Never move Parker from the "spider man" twin bed to the floor as previously planned. It'll be easier to sleep in another twin bed with your hubby than to endure the sure-to-happen-scream-of-all-screams when you move Parker out of his "special bed."
Go shopping. Spend money. Get pedicures. Rejuvinate with the girls! (Carrie, Allie, and Grandma Cathy)
T ry (unsuccessfully) not to cry as Joshua gets baptized. (Or as he wins 4th place in the pinewood derby!)
Opt to stay awake talking, and playing Rock Band each night. Also decide to stay a few hours longer than planned on Sunday morning for a special pre-trip feast.
Nudge your hubby every-so-often to make sure he's awake as the rest of you doze off. Cut an hour off the previous 12-hour drive time with the new and improved vomit-free-travel!
Thanks, Brian & Carrie, for having us! We had a blast!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

To The Girl Who Just Might Marry My Birthday-Boy Brother....

Happy Birthday, Uncle Michael!!!!
I'll start at Michael's very beginning...
When I was nearly 5 years old, a cute little brown-haired, blue-eyed baby entered the world. I didn't realize it at the time, but this darn little boy was stealing from me the precious "youngest child" spot, and forcing me into the dreaded "middle child" seat. Good thing I didn't comprehend the certain doom that comes with being the middle child, cuz I sure loved that cute, smiley, crazy little brother. Yes...I adored the toddler who ate fertilizer, swung a shovel at the neighbor's cat, and transformed our house of dolls and barbies into a house of trains and trucks.
Michael was always a stubborn little stinker. He was the two-year old who refused to order anything off the kids' menu. And he hasn't changed much (although I'm pretty sure he doesn't torture animals anymore). He's still stubborn, still a stinker, still the spoiled youngest child, and still a cute little brown-haired, blue-eyed, loving, talented boy. So here are a few things you need to know...
  1. Michael is stubborn...never one to conform. Just because YOU want to play with barbies doesn't mean HE wants to.
  2. Michael has expensive taste. So what if the kids' menu is only $2 and enough food for his little stomach. He wants the $20 meal anyway.
  3. Michael is NOT afraid to try new things. Find the craziest, grossest sounding menu item. He'll order it, and love it!
  4. Michael loves to tease! When I was an exhausted High School student (barely surviving early morning seminary), Michael didn't understand the beauty of naps, and would make as much noise as he could to ruin my blissful slumber...just to get a monster-me reaction!
  5. Michael (now) loves to sleep! Don't interrupt HIM while he's napping! (Although being a wife will sort of grant you the privilege...especially when kids come into the picture...WAKE UP, da**it!)
  6. Michael will, however, give up sleep for fun. He's always up for a late night dip in the hot tub..."for the memory."
  7. Michael remembers E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.
  8. Michael is VERY supportive of his family.
  9. Michael is a home-body. When his friends were out partying, he preferred staying home.
  10. Michael is a crazy driver.
  11. Michael is a good boy! I think I've only heard Michael swear ONCE in his seriously sounded like a foreign language coming out of his mouth!
  12. Michael loves music...and somehow finds the most random, crazy songs. And he knows all the words. And he'll sing them loudly in the bathroom when your kids are sleeping.
  13. Michael has NEVER changed a diaper in his life.
  14. Michael loves cooking. He learned to cook LOOOONG before I did.
  15. Michael is very opinionated.
  16. Michael is very honest.
  17. Michael will always give you his (sometimes brutally) honest opinion. After listening to a performance of my singing group at Christmas-time, he said, "You guys blended really well. That says a lot, because Robyn is sometimes really good at NOT blending."
  18. Michael is a friend of the friendless.
  19. Michael only wrote me ONE letter my entire mission. (I'm still a bit bitter).
  20. Luckily he's made up for it with lots of phone calls and visits in the two years he's been home. He's VERY thoughtful!
  21. Michael will be a dog owner someday.
  22. Kids love him.
  23. Old ladies love him.
  24. Michael will treat you like a princess!
There's more...much more...but I'll leave it at 24 (since it IS Michael's 24th B-day). Later I'll tell you about being chased down the hall, fighting, punching holes in the bedroom doors, turtle funerals, and stuffed animals named "Brownie." But I have to say...he's a pretty dang good catch. One that I've been happy to be the "middle child" because of! Can't wait to find out what happens next! Oh the suspense! Good luck! And Happy Birthday, Miguelito!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dad!

I'm the family rebel...I waited until the day AFTER my dad's birthday to post a special birthday shout out! Didn't want it to get lost in the mix with this one, this one, or this one. Not because I, ahem, forgot. I wouldn't do that! So now that I get my own spotlight to highlight my dad, I'll take it. Here are just a few reasons my 53-year-old dad really is my hero:
  1. He's the most generous person I know. While touring London after my mission, I'll never forget him giving money to a homeless man on the street. He'd rather err on the side of giving. And he gives ... all. the. time.
  2. He's a DOer. If you need something done, ask my dad. He won't sit and think about what he needs to do, he'll just do it!
  3. He's extremely motivated. If he makes a decision to make something a habit, it's a habit (like his current working-out habit...I couldn't be prouder!)
  4. He really does love everyone around him. There's not a fake bone in his body.
  5. He loves shopping! (Probably more than I do...which doesn't say a lot...but I do love shopping with my dad!)
  6. Once you're his friend, you're his friend for life. He's great at keeping in touch with old friends.
  7. He loves his kids and grand kids...and he cries when he tells us!
  8. He loves the Gospel, and lives it!
  9. He's the reason Joe and I sometimes justify saying the "D" and "S" words. Since my dad sometimes says them, they must be OK to say, right? Ha ha!
  10. He can fall asleep ANYWHERE.
  11. He loves eating out.
  12. PEPSI is his drug of choice. And he's trying to make it Parker's, too. Thanks, dad!
  13. I have NEVER questioned whether my dad loves me. (Except maybe when he chased me down the hall.)
  14. He adores my mom.
  15. And I'm his favorite.

I love you, Dad! Happy Birthday!!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

I Heart Peanut Butter!

When I was pregnant with Parker, I think I ate peanut butter by the ice-cream scoop full! We bought the economy size at Sam's Club, and had to buy more every two weeks. It was the ONLY thing I craved! (With chocolate chips sprinkled on top!) Sadly, Parker doesn't share my love. Avery, however, does. That's my girl...we eat it by the (heaping) spoonful. Hooray for no peanut allergies! I've tried EVERY kind out there, and found an all-natural kind that I LOVE. Find out which kind it is, and enter to win a free jar by clicking here! Happy spreading!