Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Beautiful San Diego

For President's Day weekend, Michael talked me into driving to San Diego with him to visit Kimberly and her family. It was SOOOOOOOO nice! Well, the driving wasn't very fun, but leaving the snow in Utah was GREAT! We left late Thursday afternoon and drove straight through. We would have broken it up, but by the time we hit Vegas, Parker was asleep for the night, so kept going. We got to San Diego around 2 in the morning. Too bad Parker didn't let me sleep in! Friday morning, the weather was SO nice, we all decided to go for a jog. We put Parker and Blake in the double jogging stroller, and Taylor and Luke in their own strollers, so all three of us were pushing a stroller and running. It was a lot of fun. It was nice to be with my siblings, because we could go at our own pace without feeling pressure to stay together up the crazy hills (Michael was WAY faster than me and Kimberly...whatever!) or to keep conversation going while we were out of breath. We also went to the beach, to the Point Loma lighthouse (is that the right name, Kimberly?) and just hung out. It was great besides the fact that I felt like a single mom! Michael and I left early Monday morning after getting about 4 hours of sleep to make the trek back to Utah. We're used to leaving from Placentia, which made the drive seem even longer. We made pretty good time until we got stuck in traffic right outside of St. George. It took us an hour to go 15 miles. Parker did NOT like his carseat by this time at all, so I told Michael just to hold him on his lap for a minute. We were going less than 5 mph, so I justified doing what I said I'd never do! Michael took over in St. George, then we hit some bad snow soon after. Needless to say we made it home in one piece 13 hours after leaving beautiful San Diego. It was worth it, though, to get some good sibling time. Joe surprised me when I got home with our "Price is Right" hot tub being set up in the backyard. It was GREAT after a long drive!

Fine, I'll do it!

So after looking at all of my friend's fun blogs, I FINALLY decided to jump on the bandwagon. For some reason, I have gotten really bad at keeping in touch with people! I love getting emails, but I'm not a very prompt responder....sorry guys! This will probably end up being more of an "updates on Parker" page, but he's my life, so that's the way it is! Speaking of Parker, he's ALMOST crawling! Well, he's army crawling and has taken a few "crawl steps" on his hands and knees. Time to scramble to child-proof the house! Today we were upstairs and he discovered the bookshelf...he unloaded the bottom shelf. I decided to take him downstairs for a while, but while we were down there, he discovered the entertainment center where he pulled out as many DVD's as he could get his hands on. I probably would have stopped him, but I was talking to my mom on the phone, so I was glad he was entertained so I could talk! Parker is such a fun baby! He's a little chatter box saying ma-ma-ma and da-da-da constantly. Everywhere we go we get comments on his big blue eyes and blonde hair (that's usually sticking straight up). We can't imagine life without him.