Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pioneer Day Highlights

Pioneer Day Highlights
We decided to commemorate Pioneer Day with a firework show with Art and Evelyn and kids. Everything felt how summer should feel. It was warm and shady. The sun was slowly setting. The kids were laughing and playing. Slowly, more neighbors trickled out of their homes to join in on the fun. Another neighbor decided to join in--the neighbor's dog! He couldn't wait to get his paws on the fireworks. He was in such a hurry--he made a mad dash from the garage door to the sparkling box of fire. He didn't bother sniffing or exploring. He saw what he wanted, he grabbed it with his jaws, then he madly ran back towards the house to enjoy the hot treat. We all started screaming in horror, and Parker and Ellie started crying hysterically. The neighbor's brother (or someone) got the firework out of the dog's mouth and threw it back to the street before the lawn caught fire. The dog went for it AGAIN! This time I got a picture. The guy got it from the dog again, and got the dog with the now melted fur back in the house. We reassured our crying children that the dog was OK, and spent the rest of the night slapping ourselves for not turning on the video camera...it would've been a serious candidate for America's Funniest Home Video.
The next night, we turned on the baby monitors and went outside to light a few more. I think Joe and Art were seriously hoping for a reenactment. When we were done, Joe had the brilliant idea of lighting the firework box and creating a bonfire. Firework-flavored roasted marshmallows...yummy!
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Monday, July 28, 2008

Are you as dumb as me?


Answer YES or NO to the following questions to determine if you are as dumb as I am....

  1. When you find out that the race packets for the Deseret Morning News 10 K that you are running in have to be picked up downtown, will you decide to take TRAX rather than drive?

  2. Since you'll be doing a lot of walking downtown, will you decide to take your bulky, awkward double stroller?
  3. Will you assume that your train will have handicapped access to get on the train with said double stroller?
  4. When you realize that there is NO RAMP when you open the first door, will you run madly from one door to the next in a futile attempt to find a stupid ramp?
  5. Will you accept help from a stranger to lift the stroller (with your unbuckled baby) up the narrow stairway?
  6. Will you block the aisle for most of the journey with your stroller?
  7. Will you (and your friend Kandis who was smart enough to bring only a small umbrella stroller) experience anxiety during the course of the trip downtown thinking about getting the stupid stroller back off the train?
  8. Will you meet several nice people who will take pity on you and the spectacle you've become and offer assistance?
  9. Will you be grateful that you have the stroller to use as a time-out spot to restrain Parker from picking the flowers at Temple Square?
  10. When you arrive at the Energy Solutions Arena to pick up your packets, (and discover that once again, there are lots of stairs and no elevators to the underground level you need to be at), will you carry the stroller with your now sleeping baby down the long flight?
  11. Will you once again accept assistance back up the stairs?
  12. Will you dread getting on the now packed-with-passengers TRAX train?
  13. Will you bark orders at your 2-year old to run up the stairs so you and another helping hand can get the stroller up?
  14. Will you stand awkwardly as he freezes mid-climb crying and unsure of what he's supposed to do?
  15. Will you watch with horror as the "helper" assumes you are holding onto the stroller as he lifts his end, tipping your (luckily buckled) baby forward?
  16. Will you sigh with relief as you walk back to your parked car after creating your last deboarding spectacle?
  17. Will you wake up at 4:45 the next morning to go downtown to run 6.2 miles?
  18. Will you drive?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you might be as dumb as me. If you answered "yes" to #18, atleast you're a quick learner!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Scales and Tales

Last night for FHE, we went to the local library for a reptile show by Scales and Tales of Utah with our good friends Colby and Kandis and Art and Evelyn. Parker was actually pretty interested in the giant turtle, iguana, and snake...from afar! He wasn't so excited at the end of the show, however, when we tried to chase him and the animals around the room to get a stinkin' picture! I totally remember going to a show like this when I was little, and volunteering to have the giant boa constrictor strung around my neck! I was hoping Parker would be brave and follow suit...he wasn't. He finally consented to the smaller snake being strung around him and Joe. He wasn't about to touch it (or pretend to be excited about it for the picture)!

Avery pretty much screamed through the whole thing...poor tired, sick, ornery baby! (Who by the way is allergic to amoxicillin!) Anyway, she finally passed out in my arms at the end, which was a good thing before we attempted holding the snake. She would've eaten it for dinner!

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Friday, July 18, 2008

the real reason...

OK, so my house looks like a tornado hit, but oh well. We've been busy, and I'm tired! Here's the real reason for the unfolded laundry, ungrown garden, and uncooked meals....

In the past week, I have:

gone to 1 concert in the park,
run 22 miles,
taken the kids to 1 story time at the library,
driven up the canyon 2 times,
gone on 1 hike with the kids (while Joe biked),
visited 1 camping family for hot dogs and smores,
eaten approximately 10 smores and 2 hot dogs,
hosted 2 playdates,
attended 1 playgroup activity,
gone to 1 birthday party (Happy 31st Bday, Dave),
had 1 crazy girl's night out,
made 1 trip to Brigham City,
used approximately 17.4 gallons of gas,
written 1 song for tomorrow's family reunion,
watched 2 "So You Think You Can Dance" episodes,
cried after 1 baby fell off the bed,
read at least 50 blog posts,
had 1 sick baby which resulted in 1 all-nighter,
cancelled 2 more playdates.

still to come as we finish the week:

1 doctor's appointment (and probably at least 1 ear infection),
1 5K race,
1 family reunion,
1 80th birthday party (Happy B-day Grandma B!),
1 wedding reception.
2 tickets to The Dark Knight!

what's missing?

1 nap!


Lately I haven't quite measured up as the "homemaker" I'd like to be. Here are a few reasons why....

1. The two weeks worth of laundry stacked on my bed. Every night we put it back into the laundry baskets on the floor before going to bed, and every morning I put it back onto the bed with hopes that it will somehow get folded. Hasn't happened.

2. A month and a half ago we FINALLY planted a garden. We were so excited to eat the garden-fresh tomatoes. Doesn't look too promising...

...the peppers are even worse!

3. And finally, most of our meals really do resemble this...

Any suggestions?

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lessons Parker Has Learned

1. Never underestimate the value of free food! Long after the other kids are enjoying their pinata candy, continue filling your pockets!

2. You can add strange ingredients to meals without ruining the taste! Mommy's favorite special ingredient...canned pumpkin. Parker's...crayons and blocks!

3. Roasted hot dogs taste much better with a little dirt mixed in!

5. Since daddy likes giving horsey rides, Avery must enjoy it too! (Sorry...no picture...quick intervention necessary!)

6. Chasing and wrestling cute girls can be a lot of fun...

...especially when they play hard-to-get!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I don't usually play along with tags...mostly because they feel like a homework assignment or something to me, and I'm a big-time procrastinator! By the time I get around to the tag, the time has passed. This one, however, requires work and thinking on YOUR part! So here's the deal...

1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you (and if this isn't on there...I'll assume you're a procrastinator like me and will check back later!)

Monday, July 7, 2008

The BEST holiday of the year!


1. Who wouldn't want to celebrate the day after their anniversary every year with fireworks? (4 years and counting...I love you, Joe! Thanks for the surprise date to Rusty's--the finest Cedar City has to offer...)

2. An excuse to buy cute, matching, red, white & blue outfits for everybody...

...especially my All-American Princess!

3. An even better excuse to go on a road trip to visit my also-passionate-about-the-4th sister.

(Bonus: She is now only 1/2 a gas tank away! (We no longer measure by distance, but rather by how much gas we'll need to get there and back...)

4. Playing at the park and swimming ALL. DAY. LONG.

(Down-side: It was an indoor pool (although fabulous)...what's the 4th of July without a nice sunburn for the fireworks show? 5. Pre-fireworks naps! 6. Watching their faces light up with every explosion.

7. Sleeping Avery...she missed the big show, which turned out to be a GREAT thing. She HATED our own show the next night!

8. Patriotic music. I LOVE IT! God Bless the USA has to be one of my all-time favorite songs.

9. Watching the grand finale through the rear-view mirrors as we drove down from Brianhead (Bryce Canyon)? What was up with the 5-minute intermission? Oh well...next time we'll know that if the grand finale doesn't seem so grand, it's probably not really the end!


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Roommates Reunite!!!

The last two weeks have been packed with visits from old roommates! Last week started with a visit from Matt and Eleisha. Later in the week, Maylene and Mark came which resulted in a visit from Nancy and Gretchen. This week, Allie was in town. So Sunny and Elizabeth came over on Monday, and Aubrey came over tonight. Why is it that those of us in Utah only get together when someone ELSE is in town? It was SO FUN catching up, letting Parker and Avery meet some new friends, and remembering why I loved college (and being embarrassed that many of these friends were around to witness me during those life-changing years!) While we're all very much the same, we're also very much different! Enjoy the pictures, then I'll tell you some of what's changed....

Gretchen, Robyn, Maylene, Nancy

Avery's all smiles with Aubrey

Avery, Aubrey, Allie, Robyn

Aubrey, Allie, Robyn

Parker and Zac

Kayden and Avery

Parker and Sydney

Here's what's different....

  • The hottest topic of conversation with Matt and Eleisha was my amazing new blender! Seriously, we all sat around trying to figure out what to blend next! I was like a proud parent showing off my baby! Much different than college days (and late nights) driving around with the intent of throwing eggs at boys' cars (I won't say whether the eggs were thrown or not...). Our kids played great, and we mixed away!
  • Maylene is definitely NOT the same Maylene who came running out of the bathroom in the dorms to announce to me and Nancy that she'd just gone #2. She didn't realize at the time that it was "visiting hours," and a boy happened to be in our room. Oops. She is now a cute mother of two. Parker ADORED Sydney!
  • Nancy (now pregnant with twins) is definitely not the VL Nancy of years past. She is definitely not the same Nancy that couldn't go to bed before 3 am and that pushed the snooze button for HOURS and HOURS (or maybe she is!) every morning. She's not the same Nancy I stood dancing with on the windowsills, or that I laughed so hard with walking home to the dorms that we both peed our pants.
  • Gretchen is NOT the same Gretchen who quoted Clueless daily, or that recruited me for several years of telemarketing! She's not the girl who talked marriage in missionary letters to the dorky boy from our freshman ward. Her hubby is WAY cooler! We now have little boys who share the same birthday (and are bound to be best friends!) and live a mile from each other!
  • Allie is definitely not the intimidating Allie I met years ago! Seriously...I was afraid of this southern belle with all the boyfriends! Now she's the cutest little mom who makes it so I see my friends I should see all the time at least once a year!
  • Elizabeth was never actually my roommate, but may as well have been since she was a previous roommate of all my other roomies. She's always been awesome at making me feel good about myself!
  • Sunny has changed from the crazy, hyper ball of energy to a soon-to-be mother of three! She still has a VERY infectious laugh...but is grounded enough to care for her kiddies! We used to make fun of Sunny for being our "brown" friend...now she has two cute "brown kids" and another on the way. I love calling Sunny to complain...she always helps me feel validated!
  • Last, but not least...Aubrey! Aubrey is DEFINITELY not the same Aubrey who screamed when she fell in the mud in the DR (actually when the donkey dropped her in the mud!) She's also not the Aubrey I bawled with in the airport in Mazatlan, Mexico because we couldn't get on our flight home! She's adventurous, competes in crazy races, and FINALLY STARTED A BLOG! YAY!

Everyone's changed, but for the better! I love that we share so many memories of when we were trying to figure out who we were, and that we're still friends! It's been a fun few weeks, girls! Thanks for the visits...come again soon! Maybe I'll find some incriminating pictures to go with the stories next time...

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Summer Fun and Signs of Road Rage

For Avery's 5-MONTH BIRTHDAY yesterday (I know...I can't believe it, either), we decided to celebrate with some outdoor fun.

Avery did some rolling around on the grass (yes...she's rolling BOTH ways now!)

Parker, Jacob and Tate did some slipping, sliding, and splashing!

Everyone had a great time until they ventured over to the vehicles. Parker drove like an old lady, and Jacob exhibited the first signs of road rage. GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!!!

I think they're still friends....