Thursday, May 20, 2010

Parker's Preschool Graduation (part 1)

Hopefully he "graduates" again next year when it counts! We're proud of you, buddy!

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Parker turns 4!

When Parker turned ONE, I unknowingly started the tradition of making "cool" cakes for birthdays. Here's a quick re-cap...

Parker's 1st cake: The choo-choo train. Not bad, eh? The next year, Parker turned TWO with a sandcastle cake. No disasters.
Avery turned ONE with a princess crown cake.

Parker turned THREE with a race track cake. (His third birthday also marked the beginning of his annual birthday race).
Avery turned TWO with a piggy cake!

When Parker and I looked online for cake-spiration this year, we found this Motocross Mountain Climb Cake. He loved it, it fit the race theme, didn't look too hard, so I decided to make it. Last Friday, I baked 4 round cakes, got them stacked in mountain form, was talking on the phone, and watched in horror as the beautiful layers crumbled. I cried as I tried to salvage the mess. Then I ate a few handfuls of cake to make myself feel better before taking a picture.
Joe got home from work, and I informed him that we were going to buy a dang cake. He couldn't believe I was going to break tradition, and encouraged me to start again. Not wanting to disappoint my 4-year old (and apparently husband who I didn't realize was so attached to my homemade cakes), I started again. I baked the layers, sliced off the tops so they would be perfectly flat and therefore wouldn't crumble, froze the layers for easier frosting, and went to bed.

I woke up early to finish the mess before Parker's soccer game. We got home, and I hoped my eyes were deceiving me...the cake seemed to be sliding. I hurried and took a picture of the cake with Parker just in case, and wished we'd planned the event for just a few hours sooner.

As we drove to the park, I tried to keep the cake from crumbling, but it just wasn't meant to be. Here's the version our guests saw...

At least it still tasted good, and I didn't feel guilty dumping all of the remnants in the garbage before going home!

Parker got a "big boy bike" for his birthday.

He couldn't wait to try it out for the race...

Of course Parker was mad that he didn't win...Jacob won on foot! But all the kids loved their medals, juice boxes, and bananas at the end. Overall, the last-minute thrown together party was a success! I think we'll stick with the race tradition, but maybe I should re-think the cake one!?!?

Happy birthday, Parkercito! I can't believe you're FOUR! Here are some fun facts about my favorite little boy...who has really grown up this year! I love you, buddy!

NAME: Parker

AGE: 4


FAVORITE SONG: Break Your Heart (Taio Cruz), Hallelujah (Rufus Wainwright)--from Shrek, Take Your Hat Off When the Flag Goes By (Brite Music), Scripture Scouts

FAVORITE MOVIES: Up, Spiderman, Star Wars


FAVORITE FOOD: Pizza, smoothies, grilled cheese

BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Learning to write his name, being FINALLY potty trained (after 1 1/2 years of trying...), learning to call ELMO on the phone

FAVORITE TOY: Spiderman toys

FAVORITE ACTIVITIES: Riding his bike, playing with Avery, playing games on the computer, running, playing soccer, going to preschool, coloring, wrestling

TALENTS: Singing, being friends with EVERYONE, lego creations, making us laugh every day

MOST ENDEARING QUALITY: enthusiasm for life

GOALS FOR NEXT YEAR: Be a good big brother to his two little sisters, and help mommy accept the fact that kindergarten is just around the corner!