Thursday, August 9, 2007

Parker vs. Brenden

For the past week, I've been babysitting my friend Sabrina's little boy Brenden (two months older than Parker...the picture's a few months old). I have to say that if I had to CHOOSE a child to babysit, it would be him. He is SO WELL BEHAVED and EASY. Sad to say, but him and Parker are pretty much COMPLETE opposites. I'll explain why.....

1. If I tell Brenden "no," he stops whatever he's doing immediately.

When I tell Parker "no," he either laughs at me or totally ignores me and carries on whatever he is doing.

2. At the grocery store--Brenden sits contentedly in the back of the cart.

Parker won't stay sitting even when he's strapped down in the front.

3. Brenden knows the sign for "please."

Parker uses his deafening scream to get what he wants.

4. Brenden doesn't budge or blink an eye when Parker takes a toy from him.

Parker FREAKS out.

5. Brenden's cry is a sweet, quiet whimper.

Parker has a loud wail.

6. Brenden practically BEGS me for a nap.

Parker kicks and screams (OK, not all the time, but he NEVER looks longingly at his crib).

7. Brenden doesn't make ANY noise when he wakes up...I have to open the door to check. Almost every time, he's sitting up playing happily in the pac 'n play.

I definitely know the INSTANT Parker wakes up.

8. Brenden eats whatever I feed him.

Parker spits most things out.

And Brenden's most redeeming quality.....

9. He poops once a day.

Parker....3 or 4 times.

I really do adore my child, but I apologize in advance to any of you I ask to watch him....he's a handful!


Grandma Hand said...

Oh Robyn, you really do make me laugh. You are so good for me and I know that right now is stressful but it passes so fast and soon you will have two wonderful, full of life little ones. I really love the spunk in Parker. Keep plugging along. You didn't say, is Brenden an only child or middle child or what? Love you very much.

Annakaisa said...

Heh heh.. this post was SO funny! I was laughing the whole time. We all know how cute Parker really is, but after reading this post I was thinking that thank goodness parents love for their own child is 100% unconditional! :)

Kimberly and Devon said...

Blake is definitely coming out of his perfect baby sweet child mode too. I can't get him to stop throwing toys and hitting and thinking it is funny.

RobynandJoe said...

Brenden is an only child, but his parents both work full time, so he's around LOTS of other kids ALL the time. I'm sure that somehow helps, but Parker would probably still be Parker...

Diane said...

This is the funniest blog ever!! That little stinker! You can just tell that Parker is always thinking. He's a handful, but a cute one!!!

Stie: My Favorite Things said...

Oh, this one made me laugh so hard. You are too funny.

I'd ask you friend if it's not too late to trade...only one poop a day and he takes a willing nap? Sign me up!

Michael said...

Ha ha.

Pcrowther said...

Hi Robyn,
I remember the days! Poop 3 times a day? Thats nothing compared to Chad. I remember having to hold him away from me because he had pooped up his back and down his legs. I think I put him in the bath tub to take off his cloths. It happened quite often. What fun your blog is . I was laughing out loud. You are such a cute mom. It only gets better from here. I mean what our kids can teach us is amazing. I think it is alot easier when they are young, so keep blogging and sharing it helps alot. You find out you are not the only one. You girls should all get together and write a survival book for young mothers you could call it 1 million Diapers to eternity. I love you lots

Mandy said...

Oh Robyn that makes me laugh! You are obviously one of those parents who understands that your child isn't perfect...but man is he cute!!! Emma is turning out to be a handful too! Oh and Emma still thinks it's funny when I say no...that probably doesn't make you feel better though! At least Parker is entertaining!!!

Maylene said...

At least he is a pretty darn cute kid!I didn't know there were any little boys out there that behaved well. Most of the little boys I have had the misfortune to watch completely destroy my house, the toyroom, etc! Oh well...I still wish you could have come down to the reunion with Parker. I bet all the girls would have loved him!

alinde said...

Robyn you crack me up! I know how you feel though! I always feel bad for anyone who watches my kids too......they find crayons and color on walls, spill paint, over flow toilets, tear apart plants, rip books.....and that is them being nice.....(smile)I never ask anyone to watch them, needless to say I haven't been to the temple for about 3 years. The last time I left Madison with someone they didn't believe me when I told them she would find a way to escape.....she escaped and was quickly found, luckily (they were located on a busy street) they kindly declined to watch them again telling me that they didn't think I was serious....why would I joke about that?!

She is a lot better now....Johnny is the escape still can't leave him with anyone. (smile)