Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Music City

Well, we're home from our trip to Nashville. I had THE BEST time...it was actually a trip that didn't end with me feeling ready to come home. I guess I'm still in denial since it's taken me 3 days to blog about it! After an emotionally draining START to the trip, it was very rejuvenating!

The Airport
Traveling by myself with Parker was a NIGHTMARE! I don't know how people do it with multiple children...I felt like I'd run three marathons by the time I got to Nashville. It started with security. I was in line, carrying my carry-ons (i.e. Parker's flight entertainment items...not a small bag), trying to take my shoes off, taking Parker out of the stroller, folding the stroller up, chasing Parker as he runs the other direction, having the security guy tell me to take Parker's shoes and jacket off, while Parker squirms and cries the WHOLE time. We made it through, but the worst was yet to come. THE STROLLER was the cause of MANY tantrums on the trip...this was the first. Parker's usually fine going IN the stroller to begin with, but trying to put him BACK in after taking him out is another story.

side note: I took Parker on a walk a few months ago and let him get out at the end to help me push the stroller. He now FREAKS OUT anytime he sees the stroller or hears the word stroller because HE wants to push it.

So yes, Parker threw the fit of the century when I forced him back into the stroller (while trying to put our gear back on). I was feeling flustered and embarrassed, so when Joe called a few minutes later, I was bound to cry. He proceeded to tell me that we'd forgotten to take the car seat out of the car. I started bawling...pregnant, pushing a crying toddler in a stroller, talking on the phone in hysterics...not a pretty picture. My parents now have a toddler car seat of their own...yay!

The Flight
When I booked it, I didn't realize I had TWO layovers. I never changed planes, so it looked direct to me...oops! On each flight, Parker got tired and ALMOST fell asleep, but then we landed. Grrrrr... And took off again. He was pretty good, but I felt really sorry for the person in front of us. Constant tray banging and seat kicking. There was minimal crying, however, so I can't complain TOO much. I told Joe that on the way home I was going to sit by myself so I could read and sleep and HE could entertain for 6 hours! I still wish I had done that...

I met my mom at the airport and everything was all better. I was in heaven for a week and a half. Parker instantly knew and loved my parents. He woke up every morning saying, "Bapa? Nannu?" looking for his G-parents. It was SUCH a great break for me!

My mom was an amazing tour guide...she actually knew her way around! Yes, I was shocked when she picked me up by herself at the airport...so not my mom! It's still so weird that they live in Tennessee...I never knew where we were going, but it was beautiful! We didn't do TOO much, but time flew by as we:
  • *went on morning walks
  • *drank smoothies
  • *ate at cute Southern places (BBQ AND Auto Shop, anyone?)
  • *visited the Carnton Plantation (civil war site)
  • *went shopping
  • *watched Elmo OVER and OVER
  • *witnessed stroller tantrums


Parker was NEMO. He LOVED his costume. I loved watching him walk as the tail wiggled back and forth with his little waddle. He was SORT OF interested in Trick-Or-Treating, but didn't care that we only went to about 7 houses. He was really excited to dump out his bag afterwards to see what everyone had put in it. He REALLY loved being outside. The weather was BEAUTIFUL, so we sat outside with my mom handing out candy. She actually got her decorations out in her standard fashion at about 4:00 pm on Halloween...nice, mom!


I really hate living SO FAR AWAY from my parents and family, but I feel like it makes us really cherish the time we have together when we get it, so it must be a blessing in disguise. We'll see them in a few weeks, but when they come here we have to SHARE them. I LOVED having them all to myself for a while!


Traveling with Joe made things five gazillion times better. We did have a few stroller tantrums in the airport, but Joe handled it while I sat and read...so nice! Parker was exhausted, so when he finally fell asleep on me on the way home, I thought it was safe to do the unthinkable and transfer him to Joe. BAD IDEA. This resulted in Parker waking up and kicking and screaming for 20 minutes straight. This included hysterical back arching and head banging. Everyone around us gave us really nice looks...sorry...I'm sure they thought we were TRYING to torture our child by waking him up. He eventually cried himself back to sleep and we made it home in one piece with all of our luggage (this is almost unheard of in our family). The trip was just what I needed...thanks for everything Bapa and Nannu!


Jen said...

I can really sympathise with you. I've taken Ryan on the airplane twice with me. Once when he was 9 months old and then again when he was about 18 months old. There were ups and downs but it is so much nicer to have someone else with you to help out. I think most people on airplanes and airports are pretty understanding. For the most part they've been there before.

Annakaisa said...

How wonderful that you had a chance to go spend some time with you parents. I know how flying with a baby is, because we wanted some challenges in our lives and went to Finland when Emma was 7 months old. It was PAIN! But the flight is always SO worth all the trouble. I love the pictures! Parker looks super cute in his Nemo costume! :)

Kimberly and Devon said...

Okay, that was really hard to read. It made me feel all kinds of anxiety for you during the hard times and made me feel sad that I missed out on a fun trip. I will probably never make it to Nashville, on my own, with three kids!

Stie: My Favorite Things said...

I once was on a flight from SLC to Minneapolis with baby McKay. He pooped on the plane - all the way up his back. Total blow out. I had to throw his clothes away and had nothing to change him into. So here I am, getting off the plane with a baby in a diaper, middle of winter in Minnesota. I got more than looks, I got lots of nasty comments. It was awful.

And sadly, that was one of my better flights with children. It's ugly, I tell you. Ugly.

Glad you had fun anyway! :-)

Rachel Corbett said...

I feel your pain, flying with kids sucks! But how fun to visit you folks. And yes, here in Texas BBQ/auto shops, BBQ/gass stations, what's with that?

esherman10 said...

I know what you mean about traveling by yourself with a little one...they expect you to do all that at the security check point without any help. It's so annoying! Parker and Zac sound a lot alike...he does the same thing with his stroller- screaming when he gets put back in and always just wanting to push it instead of riding in it. Glad you had fun, though.

LindseyK said...

your blog is so cute! I love how organized you are at sharing each part of your trip...I need to do that! I got your e-mail and invited you...I'm such a spaz, but I want to be able to share more, so they'll be lots of details! Hope everything's going great!

Diane said...

I'm still missing you!! It was so great having you here with us! Parker really does have a mind of his own....and that stroller...enough said! Nothing but a direct flight for you in the future!!!

Rachelle & Adam said...

I feel for you! On my last plane trip (Tori was 9 months old), the way to Utah was horrible, but on the way back the flight was at 9:00pm. It was the best! She was so tired she slept the entire time. I will only fly at night with her from now on. So when are you coming to CA next? I want to see you guys!

Evelyn and Art said...

Your trip looks like it was a lot of fun, minus the airplane ride! We're so glad you're back! When everyone's finally better over at my house, we'll have you and Park-care over to play!

Tina said...

Doesnt sound like to much of a fun trip to start with but good for you for doing it! Congrats on expecting a girl too, Im so excited for you!

Susie said...

The joys of traveling with kids! I know you don't believe this, but after your 4th or 5th trip you'll be a pro- and so will the kids! It makes me feel bad how often we made Mandy fly home with Emma from Louisville! I was excited to see Parker's outfit for Halloween- the pic with your dad is too sweet!

Grandma Hand said...

Oh my gosh, one thing is for sure the flight that you took was definitely an EXPERIENCE!! Enjoy his independence because it is only going to get better when #2 baby arrives. He is going to want to help you more than you really want but it will be WONDERFUL and end too soon. Love you!

Michael said...

I started reading this a few days ago, but I was in the captain's office at work and had to hurry and make it look like I was doing something productive when someone else walked in. I really like the picture where you, Joe, and Parker are sitting on the rocking chairs, with Parker looking at you. Also, shouldn't Bapa be wearing his cowboy hat and boots. I guess that's not a costume down in Nashville. He could start wearing that to work on Fridays.

Maylene said...

Oh...the awful plane trip! I guess everyone else who has posted comments also has had lots of awful plane trips. I seriously would rather camp outside in the middle of winter for a week, without a shower, than take kids (no matter what their ages) on a flight longer than two hours. But it sounds like you had lots of fun in Nashville. I have always wanted to go there and visit. I love that your parents house has a front porch!

Mandy said...

Oh man I am sorry it was such a crazy flight! I was so lucky to start from the beginning so Emma was just used to the plane! When we fly to California now she is bummed that she only gets on one plane! I am glad you had Joe on the way back! I didn't fly with Jon very often but when I did it was heaven! I am so glad you had fun! I love the nemo costume...and I am kind of wishing you did a video of the walking...how cute! I know it is so hard to live far away from family...but it is so true that you make the best of your time when you are there! I have loved being closer to my family...hopefully you will all be close again!

Sarah Beck said...

wow busy month! looks like it was fun/stressful/good. I tagged you, so just go to my blog and copy/paste/put in your own stuff!