Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nannu's Visit

Like most good things, Nannu's visit had to come to an end yesterday. I bawled my eyes out when my parents and husband abandoned me, forcing me to face the harsh reality that I am now on my own with these two kids. Three weeks with a new baby sure go by faster than three weeks of pregnancy! Thanks for EVERYTHING, mom! She kept my house clean, kept me happy, sat in the backseat to keep the baby happy, washed and folded laundry, organized my kitchen and pantry (yay!), entertained Parker (when he allowed it), made me Valentine's Day cookies, etc. We decided that hiring a nanny wouldn't be such a bad idea! Here are more than a few pictures highlighting the shortest two weeks in history!

Bath Time (Avery's first full-submersion bath)

Crazy snowstorm
Parker helping Nannu make cookies for Uncle Michael (to give to all the girls in his ward...how did he talk her into that?)
That's OK...Michael paid for them by shoveling my snow...
...and frosting the cookies himself (while Parker ate them).
The calm before the storm...(the day before Parker got sick and made our lives miserable)
The day Parker started feeling better (there were no pictures in between...we barely had time to shower, let alone grab the camera). I'm still finding smoothie all over the place!
Yay! Grandpa's here!
Daddy and his babies...


Evelyn and Art said...

Love, love, love that pic of Parker holding Avery! Sooo precious!

Annakaisa said...

Diane is so wonderful! I wished I would have had more time to visit with you both. I love the picture where Paker had his whole face covered in that drink! If that would be Emma, I would totally freak out. Too bad for Emma, but you can blame my obsession for being clean!

Diane said...

Speaking of being obsessed with being clean...I wonder how long you'll be finding smoothie remains?! Cute pictures!

Christie said...

Your mom is way nice to make Michael cookies for the girls. Are there any he has his eye on or is he hoping to propose to the entire ward?

Love the pics of the kids and your darling house.

Rachel Corbett said...

I love Avery's bid eyes in those bath pictures! So cute!