Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Month, Mom!

So, yesterday, dear Mother, I looked at Michael's blog
My heart completely dropped.
I've lost my mind. Where, oh where did time go?
On your birthday, it forgot to stop!
An unwritten rule we have in our fam,
That on B-day's we must post
a tribute to the special one
To whom we'd like to toast.
But April 8th, it came and left.
And not one post you read.
"What's wrong with my family?" you surely thought.
When not a word was said.
So here's my "tribute apology"
To the one who gave me life.
To the one MOST deserving of all:
My mom, my friend, dad's wife.

When I was just a wee, wee babe,
I learned to count on you
To hold my hand, to kiss my cheek
To help me as I grew.
I'm pretty sure I was quite a brat,
Major attitude every day.
I am probably the #1 reason
Dad's hair has gone so gray!
But you loved me, you taught me,
You watched, and you knew
The things I needed the most.
You loved me and became my best-mommy-friend
Yes, the coolest mom, I'd boast.

Remember the time I broke my leg?
We really bonded back then.
Or after the birth of Parker, my boy?
When reality was sinking in?
You laughed as I cried. His "food" had come in.
I had turned into a milking cow!
"It's not funny," I sobbed, sitting topless with a pump.
Good thing we can laugh at it now.
Throughout my life, there have been ups and downs.
You've helped me turn "downs" into "ups."
Every experience I've had has taught me some thing.
Like when Duchess lost all her pups.
I think the number one thing I have learned,
From dear and sweet mama-you,
Is the importance of just coming together.
Instead of just coming un-glued.
In this life, a family is all,
yes all that we've really got.
We love and support no matter the weather.
And we talk to each other A LOT!
A family should be the bestest of friends.
The ones with whom we spend time.
You should love and support each other through life.
You travel, no matter the dime.
So mom, though it's late, I hope that you know
How indeed important you are.
I'm so thankful for a mom who continues to care
Although in a land somewhat far.
Way out there in Tennessee,
To you, I still call with all news.
The ups and the downs, you're the one I tell first.
When I'm happy, or singing the blues.
Happy Birthday, Mama-Nannu. We love you so much!
Like you, there isn't another.
I'm so very grateful that I have the privilege
of calling someone like you, my mother!


Michael said...

Remember how you all used to be the first to fight to tell Bro. Harsey thanks for dinner, because all the other thank yous were less sincere?

Just kidding, that was a nice post. We'll have to make it up next year and have the birthday posts up at midnight the day of her birthday.

Happy birthday month, mom!

Grandma Hand said...

What a beautiful tribute to your mom. I love the way the family gets together and enjoys one another. Family is what it is all about and I really love you.

Diane said...

Thanks Robyn! You made me cry! I'm going to read this over and over! Love you!

Hiller Family said...

That was such a nice tribute, moms are always very patient so I am sure with two young ones she is very understanding, another reason their so great!

Christie said...

Ah, if anyone can forgive us when we forget things like birthday posts, it's mothers! Happy birthday to Diane!

Babe in Boysland said...

I love this Robyn. You are my newly dubbed Queen Poem- and that's saying something because I know so poem writers.

You made you're mom sound so great, I want to tell her happy birthday too! Tell her for me, wouldya?

Aly said...

Happy Birthday Diane!! What a SWEET poem ROBYN!!!

Deanie said...

Your Mom is the best! What a great tribute to a very special person. Diane hope your special day was a good one.

Missy said...

It's not your fault, Robyn. It's Michael's fault because he went and got engaged, remember. *<:o)
Add that to all the traveling that came with it, and I don't think your Mom even remembered her own b-day. I forget mine sometimes too.

Lyenna said...

I loved this post Robyn, so good.