Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Parker and Avery: Partners in Crime

If I could choose a single moment in time to which I'd like to return, it would be somewhere in July 2009. Yes...I would definitely go back in time TWO months. You see, my angel baby was still my angel baby. She was only 17-months old. What a difference a month makes! She hit the 18-month mark, and something in her brain flipped. Why be an innocent observer to the daily commotion in the house when you can be an active instigator and participant! Parker has been slowly teaching her the ropes, and sometime in the last few months, Avery caught on. She can no longer be a time-out observer. She's officially the time-out queen!Don't get me wrong, Parker's definitely still the king of all kings and queens when it comes to time-out. More minutes are spent in the naughty corner these days than either of us would like to admit. But Parker's slowly trying to make the transition from "baby" to "big boy." In July, we had a "Bye Bye Diapers" party. We made up lyrics to "Bye Bye Birdie," made a cake, and watched as he ceremoniously removed the last diaper that will ever touch his bum.

The next step to becoming a Big Boy was starting preschool! So far he loves it! I especially love the new blackmail verbiage in our house..."Big Boys who go to preschool eat all of their vegetables." "Big Boys who go to preschool don't whine and cry about every dang thing." "Big Boys who go to preschool are nice to their little sisters." Blackmail totally works...he's devastated just at the thought of not being a Big Boy, or not getting to go to preschool.In order to be a Big Boy, Parker's spending his spare time teaching Avery the ropes. He's passing on all of his moves...(and let me tell you...his moves are good...) (Ignore the "water" on the front of his pants...I don't think that's water, buddy)Wherever we go, Avery is no longer content to sit in a stroller and watch the action happen. She has to be in on the action. Wheeler Farm is no exception. Watch out cow poop, Avery's coming through!Parker's also teaching Avery to eat her vegetables...and to prove she's eaten them by showing us her green-filled mouth! Nice manners...Parker's taught Avery that she should be the one in charge of what she wears each day, not Mom. Each outfit should include someone in the family's swimsuit. Shorts on the head are always an option.And as much as I'd like to believe that he had nothing to do with my couches being covered with Avery's marker-drawings TWICE in one week, I'm not sure I believe him. How could my precious Angel Baby do something like that? Oh yeah...she's moved on from that angelic phase. She prefers the partner-in-crime title. This girl's gonna seriously give us a run for our money!

And if you need a translation to her cute language, here are a few Avery-isms. This girl does not stop talking!


LOWN--lay down

I LULLOO!--i love you



WADA ON--turn the water on

CHEW ME--excuse me (when she or anyone else burps...including Shrek during the movie)

BESS YOU--bless you

I DO IT!!!!--stop helping me! i'll do it!


HANN--hand (as in--stop carrying me...put me down and hold my hand)

MY SHEET--my seat

SUH-SHINE--(don't sing twinkle twinkle, sing you are my sunshine!)


FROGGG--frog (heavy emphasis on the G)

FWY--there's a fly!

DAMMA B--grandma b

NANNU--call nannu


I NONNEE--i'm naughty

POTTY--i want to go potty!

ELMO ON--i want to wear parker's elmo underwear

TEEN-TEE BUM?--stinky bum?

CHANGE A BUMMIE?--change my bummie?

NO DAMMIES--i don't want to wear jammies!

I TUM!--don't leave me...i'm coming!

I LIGHT A MATO--i like tomatoes


FUSH IT--flush it

NONNEE DURL--naughty girl


Kimberly said...

OH, Avery! Bring her to visit me...I'm dying to sing "twinkle, twinkle..." to her just so she can scream "Suh Shine" to me. I love it! She's so funny!

Evelyn and Art said...

Did you really write "FUHSHIT" on your blog... can't be good! I like all the "DAMM" words too. Are you sure that Avery's saying something clean?!! Haha! Cute post and cute kids! It was great to visit today and Ellie's dying to see Parker again today!

Robyn said...

Ha ha! The "fuhshit" was referring to the toilet after all...either way, I guess it fits!

Tina said...

That is awesome! You're kids are crack ups! I love it, truly I do. It just keeps getting better and better! Especially when you look back and you can laugh at it.

Erin said...

Teen Tee Bum! Love it. So question...the picture of the horrible marker on the the top picture one incident and the bottom picture the second incident or are they both from the same incident? Just wondering because on the right cushion, the lines are identical. Just wondering if Avery was practicing her signature. If so she's very consistant.

Very cute pictures of Parker's first day of preschool. What a big boy. And I totally believe it was just

Christie said...

They are SO STINKIN' CUTE! I can't believe she's already that old. She'd be like one of my nursery kids now. How did that happen so fast, mama?

Diane said...

I'll call you as soon as I quit laughing!!! Such a "nonnee durl"!!

Lyenna said...'s always fun to hear what other kids do. I swear I'm the only one who goes through all that, but it's nice to know I'm not alone. 18 months-3 years is a nightmare. And as far as all the potty words, fuh-shit is very appropriate:)

Robyn said...

Erin--the pictures are definitely from the same incident! I was too mad the first time to document it!

Missy said...

That is so funny. I know about all of this stuff by now too. The good news is that Parker will probably teach her a lot of great things too. Megan taught Ashley how to tie her own shoes. Chris and I didn't even know about it untill we were leaving the house one day.
So, it goes both ways.
Cookie Monster is in the tantrums phase. Oy.
Oh, and you can see my most recent post about potty training, if you havn't already.
I don't think I'm going to survive potty training him.

Aly said...

Oh my GOSH! They are just adorable! I need you to send Avery over and give Minnie some lessons on speaking. Avery is to dang cute!! You are so good to record these.

Grandma Hand said...

What cute kids! Let's just freeze time and enjoy this moment.

Trish&Heath said...

I think it's a boy then girl bro/sis thing. My kids are the same way! All the sudden Bree decided to learn all the naughty things Rhett does. I watch two kids once a week who are the same age as mine, but vice versa, girl then boy..She mothers him and helps him do "the right." However, Bree seems so much older than the little boy (they are one day apart) because she is growing up fighting for herself and trying to do everything Rhett does. Pretty funny to watch the differences!!