Monday, June 14, 2010

Pre-Baby Thoughts

I am due with Baby #3 in a week! I don't know where time has gone. I know I'm going to love and adore this baby girl sooner than I realize, but for the next few hours/days/weeks before she makes her grand entrance into this crazy world we call home, I'm hanging on to the time I have left as a mama of two.

I'm not sure why we have to throw another one into the mix just when life is getting a bit easier, but that's the way it goes. At least I can say (before I turn into the emotional-sleep-deprived-new-mama-version-of-ME), that I really am enjoying my kids!

Parker has become my little buddy. He's definitely left his baby self in the dust as he's matured into a pre-school kid. I watch him ride his bike, dial numbers on the phone, sound out letters, write his name, play with friends, listen to a coach, and even bare his testimony, and wonder how he went from being my baby to this. I look at pictures of my cute baby Parker and miss that phase that went as quickly as everyone said it would. But I love the sweet, smart, fun boy he's becoming. He comforts me when I'm sad, takes care of his sister when she's upset, buckles himself into his carseat, tells me when I need to stop at red lights, reminds me that I shouldn't talk on the phone while driving, and does everything I would expect a firstborn to do. I'm sad to see little Parkercito getting so big, but love experiencing life through his eyes right along with him. He's our little social butterfly. He'll talk to anyone, makes friends with everyone, and can't wait to take care of his new baby sister! This time around, I'm so grateful to have Parker to help me out! He LOVES babies, and prays for his new sister every day!

Even harder to believe is just how grown up my little Avery is. She's insistent that she's NOT a baby, but still loves to be held, carried, and pampered. At home, she NEVER stops talking. If we aren't listening, she gets upset and says, "LISTEN to me!" I'm amazed at how quickly she changed from being my baby to being my big girl. I look at this girl every day and count my blessings that I can call her mine. She's a peacemaker, and will do just about anything to keep her older brother happy. She potty-trained herself at 2. She eats anything I put on her plate. She is the perfect child.

Avery's painfully shy around strangers. A few days ago, she was sitting in the shopping cart when a man approached her and said, "Hey there, cutie!" She started crying hysterically as she tried to climb out of the cart and into my arms. She was terrified! I didn't mind the chance to hold and comfort my sweet girl. I feel especially close to Avery because I was also the second-born-middle-child. Pretty soon she won't be my baby anymore! But she's a fighter, and has what it takes to establish her place in this world!

Thinking about having another baby makes me feel as if life as I know it is coming to an end. It's definitely the end of a chapter in my life. I've really loved being the mommy of two. I'm not sure how I'll survive a third. But I'm excited to feel my heart expand as I make room for one more. Ready or not, here she comes! I'm crossing my fingers (and legs) that she waits until next week, though...Joe's running a relay race this weekend, and his family might disown me if I go into labor and cause their team to run with one less runner!


Evelyn and Art said...

I absolutely thought being a mommy of two was the best, but then Lizzie came and my heart tripled in size! Being a mommy of three is simply the BEST!! Can't wait to meet the little cutie!

Shirley said...

That's how I feel about two kids and I have about 8 months left! I'm scared to death of how I am ever going to be able to give the small amount of time I have to another baby. One that screams and cries and wakes up all hours of the night. I've never seen any one regret it though, so I know everything will be alright. Your baby will come and just fit in with your family. Good luck!

Heather and Jake said...

I love how honest and down to earth you are. You're going to be a wonderful mommy of 3, and I know just like Evelyn said that you'll think it's the best. And then when you have 4, you'll think that's the best. I know for me, I'm nervous to have 2! Sometimes I get sad, thinking about one day not being one on one with my little Cam Cam. It's such an emotional roller coaster, motherhood is!

Michael said...

Man, that makes me miss your kids. Your little third child is going to be your FAVORITE, because everyone knows the third child is the FAVORITE child.

Kimberly said...

There is so much truth in Michael's comment....ha ha! I can't wait for you to have your baby...I've been counting down the days!

Annakaisa said...

You will be a great mom, even with three kids. I think you're doing a great job with Parker and Avery already, so I don't think a third child will change it.
I came from Finland yesterday and immediately wondered if you've already had your baby. Now I got my answer. Good luck with the labor and everything!
Keep us posted!