Monday, April 9, 2012

Avery's Dance Class

I tell Avery all the time that I want her to be 4 forever! I LOVE this age (minus her screaming all night long because she's afraid of her new room...another post for another day)! Lately I've realized how little time I have to raise my kids before they're grown up. That makes me SO SAD, so I'm hanging on to them while I have them! I tell Avery that she can't ever turn 5 because I don't want her to go to Kindergarten! Parker was a baby a few months ago, and now he's gone ALL DAY. Don't get me's also been a joy watching Parker learn...he's a reading machine...but I miss having him home with me. So now that I know how fast the time goes that my babies are babies, I'm holding on tight! No more wishing time away! ( Although I'm okay with Lily moving on from the coloring on the walls and furniture, and dumping toilet cleaner with bleach all over the carpeted stairs phase). But I love my babies!


GrandmaCathy said...

I always felt like you do--didn't want to send my kids off into the world--just wanted to keep them close!! I love this picture of Avery's dance class--can I use it in the newsletter??

We love you all so much!!

Diane said...

This is my favorite dance picture ever! I love it!