Monday, June 11, 2012

Here we are in Tennessee!

Last Saturday, we decided to drag my parents out for an impromptu family photo shoot.  They happily obliged.  Not too bad for a bunch of amateurs!


GrandmaCathy said...

I LOVED your pictures--makes me miss you even more!!

Kandis Mortensen said...

Oh how I love you for these! I can't believe how tall Parker is! How grown up Avery and Lily look! Ack! you're too far away!!!
But, on the upside--you have an incredibly gorgeous haircut!
Love and MISS you!
Coming to Utah any time soon??!

Michael said...

The title to your blog made me think of "and here's that nice clean bathroom in Yorba Linda." Do you remember what that's from?

Cara said...

So cute!!!