Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Uncle Michael!

This is a pretty old picture of Michael and Parker. It was probably taken sometime in November soon after moving into our house, but I think it's adorable. Michael's a really cute, fun uncle. His 22nd birthday is tomorrow (March 14th)...crazy! Michael got home from his mission to Honduras last August. It has been GREAT having him home. He's just grown up a lot and has really developed into a great, well-rounded guy. One thing we all are amazed at is his amazing memory. I don't know if it's because he was the youngest child in our family, so he observed a lot, but he remembers EVERYTHING. He remembers things about my life that I don't even remember! When we were driving to San Diego, different songs would come on and he would relate them to me and my friends. He would say things like remember when you borrowed this CD from Scott Glaysher forever? I totally didn't remember things like that until he said them. Pretty funny. I love having Michael close by. He's a very sentimental guy...he loves making memories. Him and Joe wanted to go in the hot tub late Saturday night. I really just wanted to go to bed, but Michael convinced me to go "for the memory". He calls my mom everyday, which she loves. What boy does that? Anyway, he'll make some girl really happy someday. He hates me giving him dating advice, though. He'll go out with whoever he wants! Anyway, feliz cumpleanos Miguelito! We love you!

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Kimberly and Devon said...

Happy Birthday to Michael! I can't believe Michael is going to be 22! It just reminds me how much older I am getting. On my next birthday, you can write a blog about me, but don't announce how old I am going to be...ha ha ha! I will be just like mom and dad, forever 29!