Friday, May 25, 2007

Crazy Life, Random Post

So I guess it's been a while since I've updated my blog! Where does time go??? I told Kimberly the other day that I feel like I've been really busy lately, but looking back I'm not sure what the heck I've been doing! Joe's been working pretty long hours, so maybe that's why I feel like my life's been break from Parker to update my blog! On May 19th our ward had Super Saturday...these are pictures of the things I made. I really like the stacker matches Parker's room perfectly!
I'm kind of sad about how this one turned out, though. I thought I had "GADD" centered, but when I started putting the "families are forever" over it, I realized that it was way "to the left, to the left"...ha ha. Oh well. I just got called to be the 2nd Counselor in RS, so that means I'm in charge of the Fall Super Saturday...yikes! Our ward is a little different in how they handle Enrichment meetings. There is no enrichment leader...just me! I guess for each of the big activities, I will call a committee. I'm going to need lots of ideas and advice from all of you experienced party planners! Yes...that means pretty much everyone who is reading my blog...I'm going to need help! I'm excited, though...I really like the President and other counselor. I guess I'll be forced to make more friends!
If you look back at the first picture (with the "lead me, guide me, etc." stacker) you'll notice it's on the tile in our living room. There's a ledge right there from the tile to the carpet that Parker loves to play on. It makes me super nervous and now I know that I get nervous for a reason! Last week he was crawling as fast as his arms and legs would take him (no, he's not walking yet) and he sort of tripped over himself and did a head dive right into the tile! I was talking to Michael on the phone and screamed and told him I had to go...poor Michael...Anyway, he was bleeding profusely (at least in my mind), so I started panicking and called the doctor's office. I was just sure he needed stitches, had a concussion, etc. The receptionist told me that the nurse would call me right back. By the time she called me back, I'd cleaned Parker up and realized that it wasn't as bad as I thought. It was pretty bad, though, but he didn't need stitches! I tried to capture a picture, but it doesn't do the cut justice! I guess everyone needs a little scar above their eye, right?
Above is a picture of Parker on the day of the incident...he has a bandaid on, but doesn't even remember the accident! I'm glad babies are so forgiving!


Ansku said...

I LOVED the cute crafty things you had made! They were way cute!! And the 'Gadd' thing honestly doesn't look that bad at all. Poor Parker! Thank goodness he didn't hurt himself worse. But I think we can not avoid our kids hurting themselves while exploring, no matter how much we try.

Stie said...

I think the Gadd sign is adorable...had no idea you were so crafty! Very cute.

Oh, and about the cut on Parker's head...just wait until he starts walking. It gets so much worse when they're actually toddling around. They're like clumsy people with very short, unpredictable legs - they bump into everything and it sends them crashing. All of my kids have had multiple goose eggs at one point or another (usually right before we're scheduled for a family portrait session). Such is life!

Kimberly and Devon said...

I want you to make me one of those stacker things. Your crafts were soooo cute! By the way, who is that grown up boy on your blog? That just couldn't be Parker!? What happened to our baby?

Diane said...

Parker looks happy to be facing forward in his car seat. I'm so sorry he fell and cut himself. I guess we can't make him wear a helmet all the time?! Tempting! Your crafts are really cute. I wouldn't have noticed the Gadd sign was off center. It looks great!

Grandma Hand said...

Robyn, I am really glad that you have been called to be working on the Enrichment Night. I was called to be on a committee over the Enrichment program and we had a meeting and all I could do was sit there and listen to all of the suggestion given by 6 other women. Your idea of the stackers was really great and the Gadd sign was really great. All you need is to add twins to your family and then it will REALLY KEEP YOU RUNNING. LOVE YA

Michael said...

Does anyone remember when I was crawling around and bumped my head and did need stitches? The only difference is that I was a few years older than Parker. I think I was home alone with Kimberly and/or Robyn and bumped my head on that little book shelf on wheels that I always had in my room. Anyway, I still have that scar, and you can only see it when I raise my eyebrow.