Thursday, May 31, 2007

Then and Now

Parker has five cousins that will be in the same grade as him...The picture above was taken on our first road trip with Parker when he was a month old with his four cousins on Joe's side. They are all 6-8 months older than him. He used to seem so small next to them!
This is him on his blessing day with his cousin Sadie (Matt and Erin's cute little girl...she was 6 months old and Parker was 3 weeks old).
Here they all are again...last Sunday. Brian and Carrie were in town from Washington, so we got a picture of all the TODDLERS (except Jeremiah). I think Parker is bigger than Rachel and Jacob now! Crazy how things change.


Diane said...

My how time flies! Parker is just one of the kids now! Just wait until they are all teenagers...that will make for some quiet family dinners!

Kimberly and Devon said...

It took me a minute to realize that Parker was one of the kids sitting on the couch in the last picture. He's just as big as the rest of them. He's so cute too. I really like his hair combed to the side, it makes him look so grown up.

Michael said...

Yeah, I didn't recognize Parker sitting in the first picture when I first saw it.

Grandma Hand said...

That was great seeing Parker feeding himself wearing more that he ate. I am so happy that you are enjoying each day with him. I know that in the first picture you are trying to tame his hair and comb it but it will spring back and that is Parker. That is one cute boy. I marvel at the little ones coming into the world now. Enjoy him while he is still pre-pre teen. Love ya