Sunday, January 13, 2008


Sometimes I feel like time can't go fast enough...I want Parker to grow out of his tantrum-throwing phase, be potty trained, dress himself, get his own food. I want to hurry and have this baby so that I can get through the sleep-deprived newborn phase, nursing phase, teething phase. But then I watch for a moment with wonder at how amazing each phase of childhood is, and I want life to slow down!

Parker is learning SO MUCH, SO FAST! Over Christmas he figured out the real way to say "Michael" for example. I was so sad when he stopped saying "Mah-Null". Here are a few more Parker-isms that I will miss (and also a code to his language if you're wondering what in the world he's trying to say):

Glout=Get Out (of highchair, carseat, etc.)
Do It= You Do It
Jay Putt=Jacob
Some=I want some of that
Ot Choklit=Chocolate Milk
I Chair=High Chair (or any other kind of chair)
Han=Hand (Meaning, wipe off my hand)
Mmmmm=Pucker Up (I'm about to give you a kiss)
Push=Fish (Goldfish Crackers...Parker's staple food)
Mote=Remote Control
Tee Dee=TV
Kleepurd=Clifford (The Big Red Dog)
Dabba=Yo Gabba Gabba (his favorite show)
Mouse=Mickey Mouse
Four, Nine=1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 (His counting sequence is always 4, 9)
No Man=Snow Man
Ay Deer=Reindeer
Ah Ah=Monkey
Doh? (with a shoulder shrug/hands up)=Where did it go?
Is!=There it is!
Kuh-Lit=Cut it (food)
Meer=Pick me up, hold me (Come Here)
A-Go=Give that to me (Here you go)
No=I don't want what I'm holding, take it from me

The list could go on...I just know that once he starts learning the right way to say things, I might forget that a monkey was an "ah-ah" and that is so sad! So no more wishing time away...I love this fun phase!


Kimberly and Devon said...

That picture of Parker is hilarious! I love all the "firsts". Taylor would call dogs woof-woof's and I was so sad when she stopped calling them that! Luke still calls his drink nite-nite's...I love that too. I didn't know that Parker no longer called Michael Mah-null...too bad, that was so cute!

Stie: My Favorite Things said...

It's so good that you're documenting it. It will go so fast. I think I wished away far too many days with my little babies. Now they're getting bit and I love it, but sometimes I do miss those little guys.

Maylene said...

Oh, those are so cute! I have totally forgotten all the little things Sydney used to say. I really wish I would have written them down somewhere. Funny how all that makes perfect sense to you but someone else would probably have no idea what Parker was trying to say. Also I loved your other posts, especially the one about Parker's tantrums. I know that eventually they go away. Sydney had them too...sometimes even in public, which was always upsetting to me. I don't even remember when it happened but she outgrew them finally. At least we don't have melt downs much anymore (probably because we have much more bargaining power or threatening power now with her). Good luck with the baby. I know I always wanted Sydney to hurry and grow up but now with Sophie it seems like it has gone by way too fast!

Diane said...

I can hear Parker saying all those things! I'm glad you've written them down so you can remember them. You are will go by way too fast!

Michael said...

Wasn't there a "t" sound in "Mah-null"? I thought there "Mut-null". Anyway, that picture of Parker was really cute.

Rachel Corbett said...

What a sweetie, I makes me miss (just a teeny bit) the way my kids used to talk. On another note, I HATE Yo Gabba Gabba. Ellie watched it once, but I have since trained them both to hate it along with me!

Grandma Hand said...

Parker is so cute and I am really glad that you are writing down the Parker-isms down. The only thing I remember that your mom said that the other three just loved was gee-gook for cookie. It really makes me remember back. Enjoy every moment because soon you will be into another phase.

The Plummers said...

Ditto! I feel exactly the same way about Reagan! The moments when he's throwing a tantrum, I just want to run in my room and hide for a few months knowing that he'll out grow this phase by then. But then, like today when he woke up from his nap, he just wanted to cuddle with me (that never happens) and I just laid there with him and did nothing as long as I could. I think I could copy and paste your list of words for Reagan, he pretty much says all of those too. I especially love "oosh!" for "shoe." It took a while to figure that one out.

The Pants Family said...

Kids say the dardnest (sp??) things. Parker is so cute, I love the toehead. Can't wait to see what this next one is.

Tina said...

You are so good at writing all of this down. I was good with my first one too......
I still remember Hailey's first word was Tiggy-Tigger
And Emilee would say Numi-num for M&Ms
It does fly by, they grow up and only occasionally say cute things but they are always cute to us moms. And they will always be our little ones, even when they grow taller than us!
Hope you are feeling well!

Mandy said...

Ok I have been so anti-blog lately...until I realized how close you are to having baby #2! I had to hurry and get on to check if you had had her yet! I am so relieved that I didn't completely miss it! It is definately hard not to wish time away...I always have to think that years down the road I will be so sad when my kids won't want to be held anymore and I am not their best friends

Jen said...

Hey Robyn,
How are you holding up? Any signs of the baby yet?
Good luck!

Marci said...

Okay Robyn, I was tearing up on this one, and thanks for the code! I guess I shouldn't wish away this time of terrible two's with Jacob, but I'll be sure to remind Jacob and Parker when they are best friends that we used to have to pry them away from each other kicking and screaming over the dang trains (or anything else for that matter)!