Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!


Overheard (last Thursday):

Marci: So, what are you guys doing today?

Robyn: Well, I'm not sure. We were thinking about going camping, but it's the last day of the month, so Joe probably won't be able to get off early enough.

Marci: What? You're going camping? By yourselves? Weren't you going to invite us?

Robyn: Well...we weren't sure if we were even going. But if we were to say, invite you, would you come?

Marci: Uh, yeah!

Robyn: OK, so do you want to go camping with us for a few nights?

Marci: Sure! We'd love to! I'll tell Marcus to get some firewood and take tomorrow off. We need to do something spontaneous! I'll leave right now to get a spot!

Robyn: Sounds good!

(a few minutes later...)

Robyn: So, I guess we're going camping.

Joe: Really? Well, I won't be off until at least 7 (which will turn out to be 8), so we'll probably have to set up camp in the dark!

Robyn: Well, Marci already went to get us a spot, so we have to go!

Joe: Alright! See you at 7! (Make that 8). Wait, what? Marci's coming?

Robyn: Yep! She talked me into it!


So turns out we went camping for my 28th birthday celebration! When I married Joe, he informed me that we were going to be a camping family. I'm a shower-and-wash-my-hair-every-day kind of a girl, so I wasn't too sure I'd let his plan succeed. But as things turn out, it's kind of fun to get dirty every once in a while.

Camping highlights:

  • Forgetting to put batteries in the lantern before leaving.
  • Marci and Marcus forgetting batteries for theirs as well!
  • Setting up our tent in the dark.
  • Joe's trip down the canyon the next day for the essentials I'd forgotten (including batteries, his contact solution, and deodorant).
  • Walking around Silver Lake.
  • Jacob falling in!
  • Parker throwing a tantrum on the boardwalk.
  • Laying next to Parker as he fell asleep in the tent. Each time I thought he was out, I'd try to sneak away quietly. He'd pop up every time (the kid has serious mommy radar) and say, "Mommy, stay. I want you stay." Me: "I'm just going to go potty, Parker." Parker: "Mommy, no goin' potty. I want you to stay." Me: "OK, I'll stay!" Such a sweet boy!

  • Great meals! Marci and I did pretty great for having a 5-minute over-the-phone planning session!
  • Even better snacks! Mmmmm....smores!
  • My surprise B-day Cake!
  • Lots of walks to get Avery and Tate to sleep!

  • The beauty of having NOTHING to do!
  • Jacob getting sick.
  • Jacob and Marci leaving in the middle of our game of Settlers (since we actually had working lanterns on the second night) so that Jacob could sleep in his own bed.
  • Parker and Avery waking up WAAAAAY too early.
  • Marci returning early to gather her also-sick husband, tired baby, and stuff!
  • Parker falling off the picnic bench as Joe and I were folding the tent...onto his head!
  • Parker being OK!
  • Feeling so grateful for my little family...there's just something magical about being in the great outdoors together! I loved having all four of us crammed into our two-man tent! (But if we're really going to be a camping's time to upgrade!)


Diane said...

These pictures are classic! Exactly who got to blow out the candles? Too funny! It also looks like you got another classic Bumbo picture! I'm glad you are enjoying camping. Maybe we should give you our tent. It's a little bigger than a two man.

Annakaisa said...

Happy Birthday Robyn!!! Looks like you had a lot of fun!

The Ellsworth Family said...

What a fun adventure. Your pictures are great! I especially love the one that looks like Parker is possibly throwing a tantrum in the middle of the boardwalk. I absolutely love camping, but we've been so crazy this summer we haven't had a chance to go camping and I'm missing it.

EvansFamily said...

That looks like so much fun!! Happy Birthday Robyn!! What a great way to celebrate. I really enjoy camping, I wish we did it more.

Gretch said...

Happy Birthday Rob!

Erin said...

Wow what an adventure! Being in the woods definitely brings you closer together...

I love the Silver Lake pictures...that lake is just so beautiful.

You're in a 2 man tent? Oh yeah would you love an upgrade! It makes a world of difference...

Happy Camping! Happy Birthday Cutie!!! Love ya!

Missy said...

Hey, camping! I love camping too. Looks like you guys had lots of fun. Glad Parker was ok. I know more than one of my children have fallen on their heads before. Nothing has ever stopped my heart like that does. I think Jasmine relates to me too. I feel that way sometimes. "Sorry, can't be what you or you or you want me to be. I'm just me." Huh. Good blog. :)Later.

Missy said...

oops I forgot. Happy birthday Robyn!

Darci said...

Happy Birthday!!! You are so brave, I just don't think I would go camping with young kids to much work. Love all the pictures, it is nice to have someone else who takes tons!!!

Aimee said...

Happy birthday Robyn! Sounds like you had a crazy stressful time, something my husband would say, "is it really worth it?" (smile) I think it is.... I'm glad you got to go even though everyone seemed to get sick, and the kids didn't seem to sleep. (smile)

Aly said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Being spontaneous going camping with kids is probably the best way to do it....I usually stress over it for days and worry the whole time that I'm going to forget something, over pack, and then still forget stuff!!! I'm glad you had fun!!!

Kimberly said...

I still can't believe you went camping without us! Just kidding! I love that picture of you holding Avery and Parker on your lap...they both look so cute! You still look cute despite washing your still wore makeup, right?

Ryan's Repository said...

They should make Joe the scoutmaster so he can go camping every month, even in the winter. Plus he gets to go for a whole week in the summer.

Maylene said...

Happy Birthday Robyn! I'm glad you had fun camping. I'm not much of a camping kind of girl...I think cabin living is camping enough for me :)

Deanie said...

Looks like fun all around. Two man tent and Parker probably likes to sleep sideways from everyone else? Nate did that at his age.
Happy Birthday Robyn, hard to believe you girls are this age with all these cute little ones running around.
Love Ya!

Melissa said...

That sounds like a really fun birthday. I love sleeping in the tent with my team. It is one of the best things about camping. Last year we forgot all the cooking supplies and silverware for our family camping trip. There is always forgetting of some kind of essential.

Cara said...

It sounds like you had an amazing birthday! Camping with two kids... I'm VERY impressed!!

Grandma Hand said...

I am so glad that you had a wonderful birthday. It was great to have you come and see us. I just took the test and for what it is worth, I am Belle. Amazing. Love you and you really impress me with all of the things that you do.

Niki Carpenter said...

I am so impressed that you went camping with two small kids!! I am typically a wash your hair and shower everyday kind of girl myself, but you make camping look fun and worth it!

esherman10 said...

Way to be spontaneous! Sounds like a fun thing to do for your birthday...
we used to walk around Silver Lake when I was younger and we'd come visit my grandparents!

Trent, Eli, and Nathan said...

Happy Birthday!!!I love the fact that you even had a cake, talk about having the best of both worlds. We need to get together sooner than later