Thursday, September 4, 2008

More Parkerisms...

I can't say that Parker is out of the terrible two's just yet, but life has definitely been more pleasant around our house lately. Parker is just turning into the sweetest little boy. I don't get the same sinking feeling like "here we go" when he wakes up in the morning or from his nap. He's my little buddy. We have full blown conversations. He says "thank you" for everything! We laugh together. He gets worried when I'm crying. I'm constantly amazed and intrigued by his language development. Here are some of my favorite recent Parkerisms...

Here comes me. (Here I come)
Where is me? (Where am I?)
Daddy, don't be scared.
Mommy, I sorry.
Thanks for openin' door, mommy.
My do it.
No, my do it.
I not Parky, I Parker.
What's Avery's name?
I two.
Mommy, want some birthday cake? Yeah? (He answers his own questions for me).
I makin' hamburr. (hamburgers)
Where's a one? (other one)
Wuuuun more. (one more)
Laaaast time.
I be rye back. (I'll be right back)
Mommy, wait for meeeee!
No, my do it (yes...this is the third time I wrote this one. He wants to do EVERYTHING himself).
I luh you (I love you)
I wanna blow mommy kiss.
Mommy, kiss it beller. (kiss it better)
What are leeze? (What are these?)

And many more....

I love you, little buddy!

And Averyisms...


She's still our sweet little chunker baby--7-months old! Yikes! She's rolling EVERYWHERE, sitting up, getting on her hands and knees, has two teeth, and weighs 19.5 pounds! Watch out world, she's gonna be mobile!


Anonymous said...

I love that he talks so much. So cute! Emma will finally say I lu you. for I love you. It is so fun.

Darcie said...

So like your little man is very cute and full of grerat things to say. I love when they start change from that toddler stage and start to really talk. Sounds like so much FUN!

Missy said...

So cute. I wish I could remember all of Megans cute little Meganisms, and Ashleys as well. She did the the "we" thing. "Is that for we?" I remember a few. You'll be glad you wrote them down somewhere.

Tina said...

So cute! I love it when you write this stuff down. The way kids talk just melt my heart. Abby's newest word is "Sheesh" because I say that a lot. It is so funny to hear her say it.
And Avery is a doll! I love chunky babies. She is getting to the super fun age! ENJOY!

Maylene said...

I love what kids say. It is so cute. I think it is one of my favorite things about little kids!

Lyenna said...

You know I wish I would have written down everything my kids have said. I'm so glad you did. It had me giggling. Way cute Robyn

Michael said...

My favorite was, "What's Avery's name?"

Funny boy.

And he is less "terribly two" lately.

Hiller Family said...

I love when you can finally communicate with your children. I use to hate when I couldn't figure out what they needed.

Erin said...

Oh he's so cute! I just love the little phrases they come up with. It's funny how they copy everything we say and change it to their own toddler language. You gotta love Parker!

Aly said...

I love it when you post your "isms" your so good at it and they always make me laugh:)

esherman10 said...

I'm a bit jealous...I thought Zac was out of the terrible twos for a short time, but now it's even WORSE! Yikes...who knew little kids could get into so much trouble in such a short amount of time! Reading your list reminds me of things Zac says, too. So cute.

Deanie said...

Too fun, it is great you are keeping track of all these sayings!