Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Robyn Needs...

I saw this on facebook, and thought I'd give it a try. I googled "Robyn Needs." The internet didn't disappoint with the results.
  1. Robyn needs to be replaced immediately!
  2. Robyn needs a home.
  3. Robyn needs help.
  4. Robyn needs another sandwich now!
  5. Robyn needs a boyfriend.
  6. Robyn needs to go home.
  7. Robyn needs you!
  8. Robyn needs absolutely no introduction.
  9. Robyn needs to start considering a solo album.
  10. Robyn needs to turn 3 more or gain 73 more Zombie points. (What?)
  11. Robyn needs some education.
  12. Robyn needs a few parenting classes.

So, so true. What do YOU need?


Kimberly said...

That was pretty funny! I think Robyn needs to come visit her sister!

Darcie said...

That was FUNNY!! I will have to try that.

Love your last post about skiing. And you look so cute in all your ski gear. I miss skiing I don't think I have been in 12 years.

Annakaisa said...

Heh... FUNNY!! :D

Diane said...

Funny! I think Robyn needs to come see her mom!

Aly said...

Robyn needs sugar...