Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dad!

I'm the family rebel...I waited until the day AFTER my dad's birthday to post a special birthday shout out! Didn't want it to get lost in the mix with this one, this one, or this one. Not because I, ahem, forgot. I wouldn't do that! So now that I get my own spotlight to highlight my dad, I'll take it. Here are just a few reasons my 53-year-old dad really is my hero:
  1. He's the most generous person I know. While touring London after my mission, I'll never forget him giving money to a homeless man on the street. He'd rather err on the side of giving. And he gives ... all. the. time.
  2. He's a DOer. If you need something done, ask my dad. He won't sit and think about what he needs to do, he'll just do it!
  3. He's extremely motivated. If he makes a decision to make something a habit, it's a habit (like his current working-out habit...I couldn't be prouder!)
  4. He really does love everyone around him. There's not a fake bone in his body.
  5. He loves shopping! (Probably more than I do...which doesn't say a lot...but I do love shopping with my dad!)
  6. Once you're his friend, you're his friend for life. He's great at keeping in touch with old friends.
  7. He loves his kids and grand kids...and he cries when he tells us!
  8. He loves the Gospel, and lives it!
  9. He's the reason Joe and I sometimes justify saying the "D" and "S" words. Since my dad sometimes says them, they must be OK to say, right? Ha ha!
  10. He can fall asleep ANYWHERE.
  11. He loves eating out.
  12. PEPSI is his drug of choice. And he's trying to make it Parker's, too. Thanks, dad!
  13. I have NEVER questioned whether my dad loves me. (Except maybe when he chased me down the hall.)
  14. He adores my mom.
  15. And I'm his favorite.

I love you, Dad! Happy Birthday!!!!


Christie said...

Number nine makes me love him even more, although I question his sanity with number 12 (even if I've known that about him my whole life).

Happy birthday, Bob!

Diane said...

That is very kind of you.
I do love you and your kids, and Kimberly and her kids, and Michael and Anne and their future kids.
I'm grateful for my wonderful family and my two favorite daughters.
Thanks sweetie for the kind words.
I love you

Diane said...

Great post Robs! Your dad does love his kids! I think each of you have been told you're the favorite at one time or another. It probably wasn't when he chased you down the hallway though.

Darcie said...

That was SWEET!!! I have always had a special place in my heart for your dad. ( & your mom) He has always been such a good friend to my dad. Happy Birthday Bob!!

Michael said...

Can we keep this internet leak under control until after a certain moment takes place? Just kidding. Nice list, Robsie. Happy birthday, dad.

Anonymous said...

Pepsi!!??? Your dad sounds like a great man. I should probably do him a favor and introduce him to Dr. Pepper. Pepsi's more handsome and flavorful older brother. :)

Diane said...

Your dad does love you!!!! So do I! Great birthday post!

Annakaisa said...

This was so awesome! :) What a blessing to have suck a great dad.

Lyenna said...

I love Uncle Bob, too! Oh and so does Kelcey, he loves to just sit and chat with him. Okay so now it's 2 days late, but Happy Birthday.

Aly said...

ROBYN!! I LOVED this post! It made me laugh. I'm not sure if it was the swearing part (because Max really loves naughty words and I worry about him, but knowing your family it makes it all seem okay), or if it was the part about chasing you down the hall (that story makes me laugh every time:)! Your dad is awesome! Happy Birthday Bob!!

Aly said...

P.S. I think I have told you this before, but I really like that picture of you and your dad!!