Monday, November 9, 2009


If you're going to plan a SURPRISE 30th birthday party for your husband and his best friend, do the following:

1. Dig out the old yearbooks and wish that your Senior picture was half as cute! 2. Keep the SURPRISE element alive until an hour before when your husband's brilliant co-worker calls him to find out more about COLBY'S surprise party. Use all your inner strength not to rip the phone out of your husband's hand to tell the actually-cool-but-recently-named-an-idiot friend thanks for ruining the surprise...that's right, it's for JOE too! Ignore your husband for the next hour as you watch him watching the clock, obviously totally aware now of the importance of arriving to the destination "on time."

3. Put on a happy face upon arrival, and decide that the party will go on, surprise or not!

4. Enjoy the many faces of Joe as he enjoys the spotlight for the night! (Especially the "surprised" face).
5. Be THRILLED that Colby actually is completely surprised! (Especially since moments after it was ruined for Joe, I called Kandis who was in the car with Colby for the surprise-ruiner's phone number. I did call him...tried to be nice...not sure it worked...but we're still friends). Kandis played it off well, even though I was almost another surprise ruiner!!!! Colby had NO IDEA!6. Laugh at the un-planned BYU vs. UTAH attire.

7. Eat some delicious toilet and T.P. adorned cake in honor of the "old farts!"
8. Be grateful for supportive friends and family...yes, even the surprise-ruiner...makes for a better story, no?
9. Enjoy some serious talent from our niece and nephews Sadie, Ethan, and Spencer. I'm pretty sure I could never draw like this:

10. Start saving money in Joe's newest piggy bank from Matt and Erin (for all his failing assets!)

11. Enjoy the next nine months in your TWENTIES!!!



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Joe!!! I did not realize that you and Jeff shared the same birthday. I loved tehe cake. It was almost too pretty to eat.

esherman10 said...

Sounds like a fun party; too bad the surprise got ruined at the last minute. Aren't you a nice little young wife!

Evelyn and Art said...

Aw, I'm so sorry the surprise wasn't perfect! You almost made it though! I'm sooooo sorry we didn't make it. We were completely booked all night. I feel awful. Tell Joe we're so sorry too! Sounds like it was a super great party! Happy Birthday again, Joe!

Grandma Hand said...

Happy belated birthday wish to Joe!! I love the way you and the kids do parties. I am really happy that you had a GREAT B-DAY and many more to come!!

Diane said...

Happy Birthday Joe!!! I still can't believe someone called Joe to ask about the party!

Michael said...

The BYU vs. Utah attire is too funny. Joe and Colby should go to the game together and sit next to each other. That would be entertaining.