Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Mandíque!

Today is the birthday of one of my best friends ever....Mandy! I was trying to find a picture of her on my computer...considering the BILLIONS of pictures we've taken together over the years, it's amazing that I couldn't find one. I guess most of them were taken before the wonderful world of digital photography appeared. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MANDY!!!! Here are some of my favorite Mandy memories.....

  1. Going to "The River" with the Kershaw's...the first of many family vacations I got to attend! Mandy spent HOURS braiding my hair in tons of tiny braids. Good thing my hair looked cute because I had crazy allergies or pink eye or something and looked like Quasimoto!
  2. The Dam(n) Tour
  3. Trying out for Cheer together and practicing for 10 hours straight every night.
  4. EFY--we met some FUNNY people...the Redlands boys AND John Fairbanks...(not to be confused with the REAL Jon Fairbanks)
  5. Breaking our legs together...two TOTAL clutzes! (Unfortunately still....)
  6. Early morning seminary and running at 4 am...what were we thinking?
  7. Jumping on the swimming pool cover (and taking pictures...oops...total incriminating evidence)
  9. Being our English teacher, Mr. Dutcher's FAVORITES...he let us sit together, but made our other BF Stephanie sit somewhere else
  10. Moving together to Utah right after High School (but never being roommates...)
  11. Piling as many people as possible into Mandy's TINY Corolla (I call trunk) because she was the only one with a car.
  12. Fake N Bake
  13. Lots of Road Trips home to Cali
  14. Mandy meeting THE REAL Jon Fairbanks...so much better than the first...it was a sign and he was perfect!
  15. Having kids of our own and STILL being friends.

Love you, Mandy...Happy 27th BIRTHDAY...yikes!


Mandy said...

You are way too nice! I am so grateful that we are still friends no matter how often we talk! How funny that so many of those made my list! I can't wait to be closer to you so we can add to the list!

Mandy said...

Robyn this is the REAL Jon Fairbanks, and I would like to register a complaint. Don't I slide into the Jon Fairbanks #1 spot since I am the Jon Fairbanks that turned on the charm and won her over. So for reconciliation I would like you to ammend the blog and refer to him as anything other then Jon Fairbanks #1, thanks. By the way, way to give Mands a shout out. See you soon.

Diane said...

Oh our "Mandy memories". Remember how Grandpa called her "Wheels" because she had a car and would drive you around everywhere? I'll never forget the broken leg drama and how when Dr. Mayo came to the hospital and saw you standing over Mandy, crying and on crutches, he said "I can honestly say this has never happened to me before." How much better can friendship get! I remember your two broken legs got us in the front of the line to see Apollo 13, and people thought you guys were faking it. That was our one and only perk out of the broken legs!

Kimberly and Devon said...

I loved the trip down Mandy Lane! You guys were always doing the funniest things...I can't believe you got up at 4am to go running before Seminary. That is totally crazy, yeah, what were you thinking?!

Michael said...

Remember when you made me come over to the Kershaw's to take pictures of you and Mandy, 'cause you had painted your faces in crazy camo? Too bad you can't get one of those pictures up here!

Susie said...

There are so many memories of all the times and mischief the two of you got into- and I'm sure lots that we still don't know!! Thanks for being such a sweet friend to Mandy- have you seen the doctor yet??!!!