Monday, July 30, 2007

V is for VACATION...(and Pontiac VIBE)

Very tired baby will DEFINITELY wake up if you stop the car for any reason, no matter how tired he is! He will also wake up after falling asleep on Pirates of the Caribbean if you try to transfer him to his stroller.
Always ride with Grandpa and Nannu to Disneyland. Grandpa's the only one who has to stay awake on the way back to San Diego (besides Devon in the other car).
Churros con Chocolate....SO GOOD!
A double jogging stroller on the roof of the Yukon demands respect!
Trying to decide between Legoland and Disneyland? Do both to keep peace in the family!
I LOVE the matching green shirts, Michael and Joe...Devon totally wishes he had one.
Ocean water is very appealing to babies...Parker is the fastest crawler ever, so watch out...he's determined!
Nannu tells the best Family Home Evening stories! Chopsticks....

I'm sorry mom, you just can't keep sand off the babies when you're at the beach!

No matter how late Parker stays up, he will still wake up at 6:30 am while the rest of the world sleeps in. Central Air is FANTASTIC! I HATE swamp coolers!

Always call and tell Kimberly that you're all going to ride the train at Disneyland JUST IN CASE she's expecting you to come meet her first...oops!

Lagoon the day you leave for California is a great way to start the week out with a tired baby.

Isn't it nice watching dad actually relax and forget about work and church while on vacation?

Funtown at Legoland lasts all day...Michael doesn't yet understand the joys of having fun just because your kids are.

Ouch Parker! The new scream you've developed is DEAFENING!

Racing fire engines at Legoland is a GREAT workout!

Never try to find a McDonald's for breakfast between San Diego and the O.C. on I-15...even Gloria (the Navi System Lady) can't figure it out!

It's nice to be home...well, sort of...time for California (and Tennessee) to visit Utah!

Adios I miss you even more!


Kimberly and Devon said...

I am now seeing Vibe's wherever I go! I am glad you all learned your lesson and will remember to call me next time you decide to take the train instead of meeting up with me. I have taught you well (ha ha). Nice pictures and tribute down memory lane. I miss you all so much already and need to see you all again very soon!

Michael said...

I bet it took you forever to get all those pictures up. You probably started in the morning and didn't finish until you called me tonight! Cleverly done, way to go. What am I supposed to blog about now that you and Kimberly already did. Did mom do one, too?

Stie: My Favorite Things said...

What a great week you all had! And sadly, even at age 9, your kids will still wake up at 6:00, no matter how late they're up the night before.

alinde said...


You and Kimberly are so beautiful! I so wish I looked like you two after having kids! I'm glad that you had such a great time in California. Todd is too afraid that on of the kids will get lost or taken. And he wants the youngest to be at least 8 years old. Thats now another 9 years away. Everyones going with their families and I'm so jealous. (smile) Ya'll are awesome! Love ya,

Diane said...

What a cute way to share memories of our vacation together!! I love it! I couldn't believe how fast Parker could crawl either...that boy has no fear of water! I think I've recovered now from the trauma of the babies and sand mixture that we had going on. I miss you all so much and wish we could do it all again next week. Love ya! I'm with in the world am I ever going to figure out how to blog about our week after yours and Kimberly's blogs. GEEZ!

Diane said...

By the looks like Uncle Michael has been giving Parker the "thumbs up" lesson he learned in Honduras when having his picture taken.

Mandy said...

Looks Like you had a blast! You are so creative!

Grandma Hand said...

It is great to share the pictures and your vacation with you and I am glad that that YOU DIDN'T HAVE ANY BLOWUPS WITH ONE ANOTHER ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU ARE SO VERY TIRED. I love the pictures of the kids and Parker is fearless. Love you all very much.

pzierse said...

Robyn and Joe,
Love you guys!! Parker is sooo cute he has such big eyes!!