Thursday, September 6, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

Mandy tagged me sometime last week, but I've been devoting every spare second to reading the Harry Potter series. I'm even dreaming Harry Potter these days, so this will be a fun break and trip down memory lane.

1. Where did you meet your husband?
We were in the same ward at BYU. I had just gotten home from my mission and was a little freaked out about dating. Joe was in the EQ Presidency, and they were going around meeting all the new members. I'm not sure if they knocked on any guys' apartments, though.... Anyway, they came to my apartment, and I was the only one home. They came later to meet my roommates, but I was the only one home again (I must have been a big nerd!)

2. What was the first thing you said to your husband?
I wish I remembered what I said... I do remember Joe laughing a lot and making me feel really good about myself, so it must have been something funny. I thought he was really fun and nice, but as soon as he started asking me out I got a little weird and gave him a run for his money. My family fell in love with him before they'd even met him...they were rooting for him before I was!

3. Where was your first date?
We went to Cafe Rio (yum!) and then to Movies 8 (the dollar theater in Provo) to see Bend it like Beckham. I'd had very minor surgery that morning to remove a pre-cancerous mole, so the dermatologist told me not to do anything too wild...

4. Where was your first kiss?
We were at Joe's apartment and had just finished watching Mr. Krueger's Christmas and he just went for it! We've made it a tradition to watch a Christmas movie every Sunday leading up to Christmas starting in November (Joe would probably start in October if I let him). No more anticipation of the first kiss, though...

5. Did you have a long or short engagement?
Well it SEEMED long, but I guess it was relatively short. We got engaged March 11, 2004 and married July 3, 2004.

6. Where did you get engaged?
We went to Ottavio's for dinner (one of my favorite Italian restaurants in Provo). I kept telling Joe that we should just go somewhere fast (like Taco Bell) because we were going to a Men's Chorus concert afterwards. He insisted on going to Ottavio's. I was a little suspicious, but I didn't think he was proposing because I was almost positive he hadn't talked to my dad yet. Little did I know they had a little conspiracy going against me. Anyway, we ate, then the waiter asked if we wanted dessert. I immediately said no, but Joe said we should get dessert anyway. We ordered dessert and I chose creme brulee (is that how you spell it?) I was holding Joe's hand and I commented on how cold his hands were...he just said "bad circulation". When the waiter brought "dessert" he had a ring box with two spoons on the plate instead (so I never got the creme sad). Anyway, Joe got on his knee and SANG TO ME! He sang the first verse of "Luckiest" by Ben Folds. He could only see me, but I saw every head in the restaurant turn to watch. It was really cute. He asked me, I said yes, we kissed, and everyone in the ristorante stood up and clapped.

7. Where were you married?
In the Los Angeles, CA temple.

8. How was the reception?
I LOVED IT! We did it in the church, but had a big tent hung up with lights, so it didn't look like a church gym. My colors were different shades of pink, so everything was pink and white. My bridesmaids had HOT PINK dresses. They were actually really pretty. The food was amazing, and Joe and I actually got to eat! It was great!

9. Where did you go on your honeymoon?
We went to Cancun, Mexico. We stayed at an all-inclusive resort called El Dorado Royale on the Riviera Maya. We played on the beach, swam, went snorkeling, and ate A LOT! For those of you who know Joe, you know that when it's "all-inclusive," you have to get your money's worth....that means room service every night even if you just ate dinner 30 minutes ago! I'm ready for another honeymoon!

OK, I guess the rules are that I have to tag some more people who have to answer the same questions. SOOOOOO, I tag Ansku, Maylene, Kimberly, and my mom!


Mandy said...

Yeah! How fun to read about all of that! I loved your wedding reception it was fun...and the colors looked great!!! We have got to get together soon!!! Enjoy Harry if you need to chat about any of it!

Annakaisa said...

It was so much fun to read the story of how you became Mrs. Gadd. I had the hardest time thinking of you as a Robyn Gadd, in stead of Robyn Johnson, because I called you in the beginning of our friendship 'sister Johnson', and long AFTER your mission too. I'm SO glad you found Joe, and that he found you! You are so good together! Love Ya!

Sarah Beck said...

That was so fun to hear you and Joe's story. I was never around for that. So cute!

Stie: My Favorite Things said...

Yay! I loved reading your story. These were all new things to learn about you. Such a great couple!

Diane said...

GEEZ...I've been tagged!

Kimberly and Devon said...

Once again, you forgot to mention that if it wasn't for me, you never would have married Joe...WAIT A GO (ha ha! get it?) I was just so glad to not be the only married one in the family...Michael, you have some catching up to do!

Grandma Hand said...

Being your grandma has been a really fun trip. You never have done anything small things have just been fun wherever you go and whatever you do and I am so very happy you met Joe because you really are GREAT TOGETHER!!!

Susie said...

Loved reading about it all- Mandy tagged me too so I've got to sit down and write it out- I plan on embarrassing my children as much as possible!! How's Grandma Hand- I've missed reading about her adventures- tell her to write more soon!

Michael said...

I'm so glad that these will have passed by the time I get married and engaged.

Maylene said...

I love reading people's stories about how they met and ended up married! I can still remember meeting Joe when you lived at those condos after your mission. You guys look so cute in your engagement picture! May you continues to have many happy memories and continue to have lots of fun. I guess I'll have to go hunt down one of mine to post now.

Pcrowther said...

Great blog! I love all your pictures. I remember your wedding . It was beautiful. I love you lots