Saturday, December 1, 2007


Thanksgiving this year was a great, but emotional day for me. The day started with Joe and I running in a 4-mile Turkey Trot. (I felt fine during the race, but felt like I'd run a marathon for the rest of the day. Probably not the smartest thing this pregnant girl has ever done!) The day continued with Parker throwing up ALL OVER ME. The day ended with me crying (of course) and being SO THANKFUL that my family was there! Since they all stepped in to make Thanksgiving at my house a success, this is a tribute to each of them! I am thankful for....

My Dad
...for never letting a moment go by (when he's around) without letting me know that he loves me. He's a pretty sensitive guy...I think he cried as much on Thanksgiving as I did! He's always thoughtful and always makes sure we're all taken care of. Parker LOVES his Bapa!

My Mom
...for taking care of EVERYTHING. It was really important to her for everyone to have a nice, enjoyable, YUMMY dinner. She was up late the night before and up early to make sure everything was perfect...and it was! She took care of Parker while Joe and I went on our run, cleaned up vomit, cleaned the bathroom before they left, etc. She tried to do EVERYTHING she could to make my life easier...just like she ALWAYS has! Parker walks around the house all day with a phone on his ear. When I ask who he's talking to, his response is ALWAYS Nannu.


...for being the most THOUGHTFUL person I know! When we were both pregnant, I remember being super jealous of all her cute maternity clothes. She must have known that I needed a pick-me-up and brought ALL OF THEM to me to finish out this pregnancy! When Parker threw up all over me, I was really upset until I realized that I'd just unloaded a whole new wardrobe...I had an early excuse to wear something new and exciting! She also cleaned up Parker for me while I showered. Kimberly is such a good mom and is my go-to person for parenting advice. She ALSO gave my blog it's new look while she was here!

...for scooping Parker out of my arms as he threw up on me (sorry...all of these involve throw-up) to get him over to the sink. I stood there having no idea what to do, so Devon and Kimberly took over. They are obviously more experienced in that area! I also love that Devon is very passionate...when he gets into something, he really gets into it! He had a lifelong dream of hunting for geodes, so he went with Grandpa Roush at 5:45 am the day after Thanksgiving to find some!

Taylor, Luke, and Blake
...for the non-stop energy and entertainment. I think Taylor was Parker's favorite...she played with him, made him laugh, and interpreted what he was saying for me. Luke shares my dislike for cold weather...he was pretty mad getting out of the warm car at temple square. If I could have gotten away with crying because it was so cold, I would have done it too! Blake is hilarious. Other than the fact that he totally traumatized Parker by hitting him, pushing him, stealing toys from him, and doing everything that a normal child with older siblings would do, he melted our hearts with his huge smile and funny personality. I'm determined that one of these days he and Parker will be good just didn't happen this time around!

...for making the best Key Lime Pie ever! Michael is really big into making and keeping traditions. He was determined to make our Thanksgiving one worth traveling for. He also really gets into the holidays...the weekend couldn't end without him making us all a new Christmas music mix! I love having Michael close by...after the rest of the family went home, he stayed another day to savor the family weekend before facing reality in Provo!


...for daring to make the turkey in the Big Green Egg (the famous Price is Right BBQ). He went all out and bought the wood chips and accessories necessary for the turkey smoking. It turned out GREAT! I felt like I was going to have to do all the work since dinner was at our house, but I ended up hardly doing anything! Joe got everything ready before they all came, and cleaned up after they all left (probably because he had a BYU/U of U Football game party planned a few hours later, but whatever the was fine with me to watch him clean!)


...for being the cutest little 18-month old in the whole world! He loves having people around and is still Mr. Social even when he's not feeling great. He amazes me every day with the things he can say and the things he understands. I need to make a list of all of his he found a packet of Hot Chocolate and said "ott choklit". How did he know that? Everyone thinks their kids are amazing...he really is! I loved having my family around and seeing that he loves and knows them even though he doesn't get to see them very often.


Annakaisa said...

Finally the long waited Thanksgiving update. :) This post almost made me cry, and it's not even my family!! :) What a wonderful tribute to your family members. And now I'm totally jealous that you got all of those maternity clothes from Kimberly! ... well not really, honestly just so happy for you. :)I wish I would have a great big sister like Kimberly is to you. Too bad I didn't get a chance to meet them all. Loved all the pictures too!

Diane said...

It WAS a great Thanksgiving! Thanks for letting us all come to your house and have a big sleepover! You are a natural when it comes to having company! Those pictures are so cute. I'm still laughing over Blake's picture with Luke and's hilarious! Can't wait to do it again sometime. Love ya!

Kimberly and Devon said...

This was such an adorable post! This is what I am grateful for...a beautiful, smart, thoughtful sister who is also a good listener, friend, and mother. Thank you for sharing your home with all 8 of us and not complaining one bit!

Stie: My Favorite Things said...

I cannot believe you ran four miles when you are SO PREGNANT! You are amazing, girlfriend! I used all three pregnancies as an excuse to stop exercising and eat like a hog. Guess we know how I ended up looking like this, huh?

So glad you got to spend thanksgiving with your family though. Sounds like it was great - vomit and all!

Michael said...

Well, all excuses out the window, it's about time. I have been patiently checking for an update, and I very much appreciate this one. Thanks for the blog. I am also very glad that most of the blog had to do with Parker throwing up. Poor guy, he was throwing up every time we thought he was getting better.

Michael said...

I'm also glad you got the one picture that we could take at Temple Square before your batteries died.

Rachel Corbett said...

Ohh, how sweet. You're family IS great! Wait, wasn't it Thanksgiving that I came to your house for that one year? That was a fun trip!

The Pants Family said...

We DowDells tend to be passionate people. It sounds like you guys all had a really great time hanging out together, hopefully next time Parker and Blake can be better friends.

Mandy said...

How fun and what a nice tribute! I checked your blog last night and all the pics wouldn't come up and it was going so slow I decided just to check back and leave a comment! You are totally crazy to run! I am super impressed! I can't wait to have a house and be able to have my family over for holidays!.....PS I got your invite...I will have to check with Jon!

Diane said...

That is one of the nicest blogs I've read.
Thanks for making this a memorable holiday.
I love you

Grandma Hand said...

Robyn you are so great with words. I think Parker is going to be just like you. I loved the pictures. Love ya.