Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What Happens When......

1. You let your 18-month old decide what he wears to bed?

Answer: He'll demand his Choo-Choo train PJ top, layered over his dinosaur PJ top, along with a hat and slippers. 2. Your husband can't find his shoes?

Answer: Check your son's feet...the shoes are part of his new PJ ensemble (along with the fly swatter).

3. You stay at the church to help clean up after the extended family Christmas party?

Answer: Your son will help spread the dirt that everyone else just swept up.

4. You get stuck in the snow trying to pull into the driveway?

Answer: Your son will rake the snow for you.

5. You leave the husband home with your son for a few hours on a Saturday morning?

Answer: You come home to a sleeping husband, an empty pack of gum, and minty-fresh poopy diapers (sorry, no picture).


Annakaisa said...

This was FUNNY!! :) Parker is quite the helper!

Diane said...

You told me about the PJ ensemble on the phone...but it is just too funny!!! What a boy. Those are some pretty cute pictures! I love him in his snow suit too!

Kimberly and Devon said...

Those pictures of Parker just tickle me! Minty-fresh poop sounds better than stinky poop--maybe I should starting feeding that to Blake!

Stie: My Favorite Things said...

How in the world does one get minty-fresh poop? Ours always smelled like stink over here.

And LOVE the outfit. He is adorable and a first-rate fashion designer.

Evelyn and Art said...

Soooo cute! I love all the pictures! He kinda looks like that cute kid on Big Daddy! Parker is so cute!

The Pants Family said...

I love when kids dress themselves it is so great!!! They should all be the new generation of stylests (sp?)

Michael said...

I really liked the shoes with the pajamas. Also, I might think about changing a diaper if it always smells fresh. "Dirty diaper? Clean it up with Orbit..." That should be their new ad campaign.