Monday, April 7, 2008

Lessons From a 9-Year Old

Last week we got to watch my 9-year old nephew while his parents went on a fabulous Mexican cruise. He was actually really great to have around. Here's what I learned from Spencer:

  1. Don't give me the option of going to school or not. I'll opt to stay home every time. After three days off, however, I'll realize that playing with other 9-year olds is actually more fun than hanging out with babies and grown-ups.
  2. I will be extremely disappointed that my 22-month old cousin gets to come with me and Uncle Joe to the Jazz basketball game. I will make this apparent while getting off TRAX and requesting that we talk about grown up stuff instead of baby stuff like choo-choo trains all night.
  3. Sleeping in the basement is a little creepy. "It might not seem creepy to you, but if you were my age, you would think it's a little scary too."
  4. I would MUCH rather sleep on the couch than in a nice big bed in said creepy basement!
  5. When you pack my lunch, I will inform you that all I eat are cookies and fruit snacks. When you suggest maybe a sandwich and banana, I'll say, "OK...I guess you just want me to eat something healthy. I guess I'll save the cookies for later."
  6. I'll try to take toys to church. When you suggest leaving the Transformer home, I'll say, "I know I can't bring toys to church! I was just testing you!"
  7. I will make Parker laugh. He will ask for days after I leave, "Where 'Spetter' go?"
  8. Balloons are just as entertaining for me as they are to my little cousin.
  9. I am all about follow-through! If you say we're going to do something, we'd better do it!
  10. I really am good with babies. Let me hold her...she really will stop crying!
  11. Don't freak out when you can't find me at school. I forgot that you were picking me up and took the bus instead! Oops!
  12. I live for Parker's nap time as much as you do! It means I can watch the Cartoon Network!
  13. When asked if I miss my parents and siblings, I will respond, "Well, sorta. But not too much because I know they'll bring me a really cool souvenir!"

Thanks for the fun week, Spencer! We loved having you!


Michael said...

I'm sure he enjoyed staying with you a lot...I always loved staying with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins when I was little. I'm glad that you didn't have any visitors this weekend, though, so that I had a bed to sleep in.

Aly said...

Cute post! It is so nice of you to tske him for the week...I hope you got a really nice souvenir too!!

Erin said...

I'm glad you were able to find the positive's of the week! I sure can't thank you enough. Spencer is a little adult for sure. I still am shocked at how little gets past him!

I hope he was helpful and minded his manners...but he's 9, you just never know!

I'll be calling you soon...

The Pants Family said...

So cute, I love all the things that he said, I bet you can't wait for Parker to be that age. Where is a picture of him??? Did they go on the same cruise as us???

Christie said...

Oh, wow. You tend older cousins? I've got three here that would love to come visit. I'll have them on the next plane out.

Diane said...

I'll bet Parker will be asking where "Spetter" is for a long time! He has a LONG memory!!! I love that he was testing you...just to see if you would do something his parents would not do.

Kimberly and Devon said...

You should have posted a picture of him with Parker. All of our conversations last week made me laugh. He is quite a character. I loved the "creepy" basement comment and him wanted to not talk about "baby stuff." What a cutie! I bet you can't imagine Parker being 9!

Maylene said...

That must have been funny to watch a 9 year old. Sometimes I think if is so much more difficult to watch kids at ages that I haven't really experienced yet because I can't seem to figure out just how much adult or kid to treat them! I bet he had fun. I had to laugh about only wanting fruit snacks and cookies for his lunch.