Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hard Boiled Egg Penguin Salad Toppers and more...

When we heard that Deal or No Deal was coming to town, we knew that it was destiny! Joe HAD to try out! A week ago when we should have been planting a garden, going to the park, cleaning the house, etc., we were standing in line with thousands of other people! Actually Joe went by himself and we met him after Parker's nap. We had the option to make a five minute video instead of waiting for 10 hours, but Joe thought he could make a better impression in person. It worked for the Price is Right in 2005! So Joe showed up in his Elmo T-shirt...dressed to impress!

Joe made it past the first interviewer using his Elmo voice. He made it through the second interviewer singing the National Anthem like a chicken. He resorted back to Elmo for the third interview and was told to leave his application where it was, and "we'll call you!" So we're anxiously waiting by the phone for that call that will probably never come! Oh well! I'm proud of my husband for having no shame if it means he could possibly have a chance at winning some money! Which game show should he go for next?

As part of the process, we had to fill out a NINE page application! I actually learned some new things about my husband and thought I would share! Here are a few of the questions along with his answers:

1) If you were going to be in People magazine, what inside info about you would be put up next to your picture?

Elmo impersonator, has run 8 marathons, puts ketchup on French Toast, past member of a prestigious Men's Chorus, showcased "The Wave" hairstyle at age 11, and is a master baby swaddler.

2)Describe one of your most embarrassing moments:

When in the 4th grade, every student was asked to invent something and present it to the class. I struggled to think of something, so I went to my Grandma for help. She suggested a break-through idea--a "hard-boiled egg penguin salad topper!" I was desperate, so I went with it. When the big day to present our inventions arrived, I realized very quickly that my invention was hands-down the lamest! I was so embarrassed, that I destroyed any evidence of my hard-boiled egg masterpiece before any of my friends witnessed it.

3) What is the weirdest thing about you?

I can transform most any song into a chicken melody.

So there you have it...a taste of my husband. The hard-boiled egg penguin salad topper story had me crying, I was laughing so hard! Who would think of that? I've been trying to think of how I would answer these questions and more. Maybe I'll post my answers later! How about you???


Grandma Hand said...

Oh my gosh, what else will you try out for? That is what I love about you and Joe because you will try out for anything that is a BIG CHALLENGE AND THEN GO FOR IT!! Just think of the example you are setting for Parker and Avery. You can see the all searching eyes of the 2 kids when they watch you. Love ya!

mattc said...

Leave it to Joe to try out for another game show! We'll keep our fingers crossed that you get the phone call.

Niki & Matt said...

Does Joe still have the "template" for his hard-boiled-egg-penguin-salad-topper? It would be a great FHE activity :)

Matt said...

It wouldn't surprise me a bit if Chepito (aka Joe) gets a call to show up on Deal or no Deal. He would fit right in with some of the psycho's that are contestants on that show:) I can also vouch for the showcasing of "The Wave" hairstyle. I, along with two other brothers, used to sing the jingle "sculpt your hair, any way you like it!" in the background as Joe would sculpt his "wave" every morning. I love ya, brother!

Diane said...

He has GOT to do the wave for us sometime! Only Joe! I hope he never told his grandma that he thought her idea for an invention was lame! Does he still know how to make one? He could probably get it entered into a food craft book or something. I'm sure the demand would be really great for "hard-boiled egg pengjuin salad topper". He might think of shortening the name though!

Boy are we going to have fun with this one!

Aly said...

Haven't heard the chicken melody thing yet...maybe you should have it as background music on your blog!! LOL!!

esherman10 said...

Joe is too funny! I'm curious to hear just how he sings a song like a chicken! Matt's always wanted to try out for Deal or No Deal, too!