Sunday, October 5, 2008

Lagoon, Cedar City, BYU, oh my!


We've been busy hanging on to summer. Last weekend, we went to Lagoon! Don't get me wrong, we had a great time with Colby&Kandis&family. However, I had a few major epiphanies while there.

  1. It's probably a good idea to ease Parker into the rides. Like maybe a carousel before the Dinosaur Drop or Ladybug Bop. He may look like he's having fun, but pictures don't capture the worried yelps and screams.

  2. I kind of know what a hangover feels like now. I used to love rollercoasters, but realize now that having my head banged from side to side, or my brain twirled around isn't very fun. Over a week later, I still feel a dull, nauseous ache in my head.

  3. After getting soaking wet, it's totally socially acceptable for a 2-year old to walk around in nothing but a t-shirt and diaper.

  4. Avery is an angel.

  5. Leaving the men with the kids for an hour and a half so we can ride on the big rides is a much needed break. Yay for girl time at Lagoon (even if it does result in a rollercoaster hangover)!

  6. I miss Disneyland!


Since Parker's been so busy practicing the BYU fight song, we decided we had to take him to a game. So we went to Logan with Jake and Jaclyn for the big game. Here are a few highlights...

  1. Yes, we are hardcore BYU fans.

  2. Utah State fans are actually quite pleasant.

  3. However, one particular Utah State fan was a little too friendly...I now need to spend some time teaching Parker about strangers, AND taking candy from strangers. Lots and lots of licorice.

  4. Next time a nice candy-giving stranger asks to hold my baby, I should just say no. It's totally uncomfortable watching a strange man kiss and cuddle my fussy, crying baby. GIVE ME MY BABY!

  5. We will stay until the bitter end, even if the outcome is certain.

  6. Next time Joe thinks he might fall asleep while driving, just turn on the post-game show. Works better than his "spicy drinks"--the term coined by Parker for carbonated beverages.

  7. Did I say GO COUGS?!?!?!


My sister now lives only THREE HOURS away! Last week, I went on a middle-of-the-week trip to see her. We must've had fun, because I didn't take a single picture. Here, howev, are some highlights from that excursion...

  1. It isn't very easy to stick food in a rear-facing baby's mouth while driving.

  2. But it is possible.

  3. Parker is very vocal. When you want to play with his toy, he screams and yells.

  4. Blake knows how to fight back. He punches!

  5. Devon can totally handle watching 5 kids so that I can go to Kimberly's Pilates class.

  6. Cookies and movies are the key to Parker's happiness.

  7. Parker and Avery don't sleep well in the same room together.

  8. At the McDonald's playland, take the sticky fruit leather out of Parker's hand before he starts climbing the nasty slides.

  9. I don't know how I'll survive when my kids have actual schedules! Kimberly knows how to move fast from place to place!

  10. Driving home at bedtime is a good idea.

  11. When Parker throws up ALL NIGHT, try not to think about the possibilities of what went in his mouth at McDonald's. Good thing the vomit only lasted through the night. Heaven forbid we miss the BYU game!


While the men went to the Priesthood session of conference, we hung out with Erin and kids. Parker absolutely adores Spencer, Ethan, and Sadie. They even let him play "radio games" as Parker likes to call them.

I loved Saturday's sessions. Most of Sunday's, however, will have to be read online. In the future, remind me to stay home the week leading up to conference so I can stay awake!


Michael said...

I love "spicy drinks" and "radio games!" I'm jealous that you got to go to the Utah State game. Too bad "The Safety Kids" don't sing a song about taking candy from strangers.

Melissa said...

Oh Lagoon! I love that place. That sounds really yucky about the McDonalds toy. I feel sick in my stomach whenever my kids play on that stuff.

Hiller Family said...

What a whirlwind of fun events. My Carsten would make friends with nice strangers all the time. Every time we went to the grocery store and someone said hi, he would ask if he could go home with them. Kids are so funny sometimes!

Darcie said...

Are you trying to kill yourself? What a week!! It sound like you had a blast and I am thinking that you might need a week maybe even two weeks to recover!!

Christie said...

I like going to Lagoon because it makes me feel pretty. I mean, at least I have all my teeth, don't flaunt my muffin top in a belly shirt, and not one tattoo covers my skin. There are some freaky-deaky people there, that's all I can say.

Maylene said...

That sounds like a fun, exhausting week! Good thing you are doing all that stuff. Once Parker is in is so hard to leave to go anywhere. I can't believe you still manage to have energy to blog.

Erin said...

Busy family! No wonder we don't get together much! I'm glad we managed to sneak in an evening! Thanks for coming! I had no idea you snapped that picture! Too cute!

I learned the order of rides at Lagoon when Spencer was a is rather funny watching them half laugh and half cry! :)

I think it's great your "hard core" BYU fans. Can you use the words hard core and BYU in the same sentence?

You're such a good Mom! I'm glad you're enjoying the journey!

Missy said...

Sounds like you had a pretty great week. Lagoon is so much fun. You'll like it better when Parker gets a bit older. That whole laundry thing is pretty funny. I'll just tell you, Chris used to roll his eyes at me when I first started doing his laundry because I would separate stuff and do warm or cold or hot when the clothing said to. But once he got his laundry back and it looked the same way it did when it went in, he stopped bugging me about it. Don't get me wrong, I still throw things all together sometimes, I make sure I'm using the right soap and I only use cold water when I do that. I still get burned from doing that sometimes reguardless.

Evelyn and Art said...

That's one crazy week! No wonder I haven't seen you much! That's scary about the guy holding Avery... weird! Let's hang out this week! Talk to you soon, Ev

Darci said...

I know you miss Dland, but you still have alot of fun stuff to do in Utah.

Kimberly said...

I can't believe we didn't take any pictures while you were here! I guess we were too busy working out and keeping the kids entertained! Thanks again for are amazing!

Tina said...

Oh my heck, you busy girl! I wish my sis only lived 3 hours away!
I love Lagoon and so do my kids, most of them anyway....
and spending time with cousins, well, there is nothing like it as a kid. I remember loving hanging out with you guys when we were young.

Mandy said...

You are die hard fans! I can't believe you drove to the utah state game....and took your kids! you are amazing!!! I will only go to the games if I can find a sitter...but I guess I am lucky to be close to the stadium so I don't have to add a few hours of getting there and back! I love your lagoon learnings! We haven't taken our girls there yet! We still have Disneyland passes and I don't really want to go anywhere else! And what the heck is with getting older and not enjoying roller coasters anymore!!! I hate it! They always make me sick! I can't wait to see you!!! Just 11 more days!!!!

Gretch said...

Yay BYU!!!! You know, there really are only a few rollar coasters at Lagoon that cause all the headaches- I quit going on the wild mouse ride and the jet star and my head does just fine now. And I LOVE Wicked!!

Amber said...

This post made me seriously MISS Utah! And the fact that I lived there for almost 10 years and never made it to Lagoon. What a waste. :-)

Aly said...

Comparing Disneyland and Lagoon can be closely related to comparing Heaven and Hell (maybe I should have said apples and oranges)...Lagoon is so gross. The rides there make me sick to, but never at spotlessly clean magical Disneyland (where all that my kids do brings tears to my eyes....awww:)

What an awesome week! Glad you got to see Kimberly, how fun. You are such a good mom doing all of those fun things with your munchkins:)

Johnston Family said...

Looks like you guys have been having tons of fun! Remember when Stacy & I came & visited you & Kim in California & we got matching striped shirts to wear to Knot's Berry Farm? And we did some pose for the camera on the log ride! So fun! Good memories!

Deanie said...

Whew! I am tired just thinking about all the stuff you did and with kids too. What a woman..