Monday, March 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!!!!

In honor of my dad's 52nd birthday (yikes!), I'm going to take a trip down memory lane. Here are some of my favorite memories (in no particular order). I love you! Happy Birthday!

  1. BUFFALOooooooo.... On a road trip to Yellowstone National Park several years ago, we were stopped by a herd of buffalo. Once we'd passed the buffalo, my dad rolled down his window to alert the cars going the OTHER direction the reason for the delay. He yelled "buffalo" as we drove by. We laughed because each car probably only heard part of the message. "Buh" "Fa" Loooo". I'm sure they appreciated the warning. We also listened to a Kenny Loggins CD over and over on that trip.
  2. The first time Joe came to California with me when we were dating, my parents were in the process of remodeling. There was no couch yet in the family room, so we were laying on the floor watching a movie (with the whole family, mind you). My dad asked us what the prophet would say about laying next to each other before marriage. We understood what he meant, but come one dad...there was nowhere to sit, and EVERYONE was in the room with us. My dad definitely made sure we didn't get out of line!
  3. Road trips weren't complete without peanuts, licorice, and Pepsi!
  4. Herbal Fiber Blend and Apple Cider Vinegar...need I say more? Dad loves his "remedies".
  5. Late night Bishop's interviews in High School...can't say I loved them, but I'm sure my dad's influence kept me out of a lot of trouble!
  6. Being chased down the hall when we were little. I don't think Kimberly ever suffered this (she was the perfect child), but all my dad had to do was pretend to get up from his seat and Michael and I ran screaming down the hall.
  7. My dad NEVER let us sleep in. I blame him for my inability to waste time in the morning...I have to get up and get moving!
  8. My dad always offers to "make" the pies on Thanksgiving (with help from his friend Marie Callendar)
  9. My dad ALWAYS says his morning prayers (he is the KING of routine). Even when we were running late for early morning seminary, we still had to pray! He's always concerned about our spiritual well-being!
  10. Weekend breakfasts...pancakes, french toast, etc. Dad's specialty!
  11. My dad actually likes to shop...but he's fast (the way I like it...I'm not a big fan of shopping). Get in, find something you like, don't question it...just buy it!
  12. My dad LOVES dogs. Duchess was his shadow!
  13. My dad ADORES my mom. Nuff said.
  14. Actually, my dad genuinely loves all people. He really loves everyone he meets (except all the boys I dated pre-Joe...)
  15. My dad LOVES kids...especially his grandkids. He knows how to rile them up. It means so much to me to have him as the grandfather of MY children.

Anyway, hope your day was great, daddy-o. You deserve it! We love you!


Kimberly and Devon said...

Aaaahh, being chased down the hall when you were in trouble...I laughed and laughed thinking about that...good times! By the way, you're right, I was the perfect child (j/k). I loved your memories. I forgot about the Buffalo and how Dad never let us sleep in. I loved how you pointed out his (slight) obsession with herbal fiber blend and apple cider vinegar...too funny! I think Dad will love your birthday tribute to was a lot of fun!

Christie said...

These tributes to your dad are so much fun. I'm having a great time touring your family blogs and reading all about him. He's such a good guy! Happy birthday, Bob!

Michael said...

I remember even when it was happening we knew that Kimberly never got chased down the hall. It was just you and me. I wonder what dad's next "remedy" will be. How can you follow up herbal fiber blend and apple cider vinegar?

Grandma Hand said...

Thanks for the memories. I went on that road trip with you and we all yelled out the window BUFFALOOOO0000. I loved being with your family and the fun things that we did. I did wonder, though, how you stood taking "grandma" along and what a pain it must have been sometimes but I really had fun with you. Your dad really is a special dad and grandpa. Wonderful tribute!!

Diane said...

Thank you for the kind words and memories.
It's funny you didn't mention why you were chased down the hall.
I so love you guys.
Thanks for being a great daughter.

Aly said...

Your dad is so awesome! As a kid he always made me feel like part of the family! Have I mentioned how beautiful that baby Avery is he's holding!!! Happy Birthday Bob!

Aly said...

Annie would like to comment!! She says, "I like your baby, she is so cute. I like the bow on her it is so fluffy. I like your paper and what you said about your dad. Love, Annie Smith"

Diane said...

How fun to read your memories. It's amazing how time flies by without realizing it is going by so fast. We really have had some good times haven't we?! Love you!

Maylene said...

That is so sweet of you to remember all those amazing things about your dad. He really must be the coolest...well actually he has always been so nice to me when I have met him before!

Amber said...

I think your dad and my dad could hook up together for all their remedies. Though most of my fathers' involve prunes. Ewwwwwwww.....