Thursday, March 27, 2008

You're Gonna Miss This

My sister recently did a post about the Trace Adkins song, "You're Gonna Miss This." It of course made me bawl thinking about how much I want my sleepless nights to end, but so sad to know that they inevitably will! When I was so tired of trying to get Parker to sleep through the night, my mom told me, "I promise you that when he's in High School, he'll be able to fall asleep on his own." What a sad thought...High School! I recently realized that sometime since Avery was born, Parker started talking in sentences! I LOVE THE WAY HE TALKS right now. Here are some of the new Parker-isms that I'm gonna miss! (For the original Parker-isms, click here)

  • I nah poopy=I'm not poopy
  • teen tee=stinky
  • hi beebee=hi baby
  • helpee mommy=let me help you, mommy
  • hode you=hold me
  • I lip=I slipped
  • Parker do it!!!!
  • I did it!
  • I find it=I'll find it
  • mommy fix it=will you fix this, mommy?
  • all done prayer/bella/etc.=we're finished praying, Cinderella's over, etc.
  • kiss it beller=kiss it better
  • watch it Inkebbles/Shruk/Gar/Why/Mouse=I want to watch the Incredibles/Shrek/Madagascar/Super Why/Mickey Mouse/etc.
  • baby wake=the baby's awake!
  • baby Avry=Baby Avery
  • Mommy do it=Will you do this mommy?
  • I climb=watch me climb
  • jup, jup=watch me jump
  • a den=again
  • ear hurt, dah tour=my ear hurts, let's go to the doctor (it doesn't usually really hurt...he just remembers going to the doctor when it did hurt)
  • all vum poon=I want my spoons...all of them
  • done=that one
  • dah ten=also that one
  • wah happen?=what happened? (said with a shoulder shrug and scrunched eyes)
  • runnin=watch me run!
  • help oo=I'll help you
  • holder=can I hold her?
  • I callin' _____=I'm calling (fill in the blank...usually Nannu or Evelyn--his girlfriend's mom)
  • I a wannit=I don't want it
  • I a wannit diss=I don't want this
  • I lull you too=I love you too!

Other things I'm gonna miss...

  • Parker listing names before he goes to bed. Every night he goes through everyone he can think of, and we tell him where they are. Nannu? Tennessee. Bapa? Tennessee. Michael? School.
  • Avery grunting to fall asleep. She grunts and squirms until she's asleep...this is causing a bald spot on the back of her head.
  • Parker's spoon hoarding. He gathers all the plastic spoons he can find and carries them around the house.
  • Singing silly songs just for a laugh.
  • Listening to Joe put Parker to bed.
  • Kissing Avery's chubby cheeks and bald head ALL. DAY. LONG.
  • Parker's sporadic counting. 4, 7 14, 9, 7!
  • Doing Yoga with Parker. He lines up all of his cars on my pink mat, and thinks we're playing peek-a-boo when I'm doing downward facing dog.
  • Getting so excited when daddy gets home.
  • Parker kissing Avery ALL. DAY. LONG.
  • Having the most upsetting thing that can possibly happen be a lego tower falling, a lost toy car, or having to come inside for the day.
  • Being the one person who can make everything all better.

One day my kids will grow up and I really will miss these little moments. Parker will even one day learn how to share. Every phase is just that. A phase. And I love the one we're in right now!


Diane said...

You are great at phonics! I can just hear the way Parker says everything that you wrote. He is such a character!

You are right...every phase is just that. A phase. I promise this is going to go by too fast. So, remember to enjoy the moments. And make sure that cute baby doesn't grow too much more before I see her again!

Kimberly and Devon said...

I love your moments and the way Parker talks. I keep wishing Blake talked more, but, then I remembered, that one of these days I will look back and miss his no talking, pointing to everything he wants phase. I love your kids and can't wait to kiss their cute cheeks again.

Betsy said...

I normally don't post on sites where I don't know the individuals that well. By way of introduction I am Aly's sister-in-law. Chuck's older sister. I was so touched by your post it reminded me of a book I gave Aly called "Let me Hold you Longer." by Karen Kingsbury. The premise is told in storybook form with colorful illustrations. The theme is how mother's always recall first steps,first words etc. Yet how often do they remember the last time a child crawled in bed with you or just wanted to snuggle. What triggered this thought was the author's five year old son running into her arms and recalling her two older chldren and how they have passed that stage. The other was my Uncle telling Chuck that one day you will miss having your children crawl into bed with you. Mind you this man had seven children.

Susie said...

I always feel like such a dork crying at country songs-thank heavens for sunglasses! Aren't children the most amazing blessing and don't you wonder how could Heavenly Father love you so much to give you the chance to have that blessing in your life?

Grandma Hand said...

I am so impressed at how you can put the things down on paper that Parker says and make them so that we can almost hear him saying them. Children are such a blessing and to know that they are being loved as much as they are. This is really a wonderful blog for me to hold onto and remember and to remember you, Robyn, and your mom and all of the cute things that have been said and now forgotten.

Aly said...

You guys are killing me! It is so good that you have this written down! Half the time I cant remember which cute saying goes with which cute kid of mine! Parker is adorable!

Cathy said...

You'll be so glad you wrote those things down in a few years. What a treasure ! ! !

Sarah said...

What a cute post. You are so creative. I love your cute blog too.

Tamara said...

Your kids are beautiful!! It is fun to watch their little personalities develop and I agree, it's particularly fun to listen to their developing vocabulary! By the way, sleep will get better. I'm fairly certain it won't take until high school!!

I'm adding you to my list of awesome bloggers I know, I hope that's okay! You are a great writer so I look forward to more fun blogs!!

Michael said...

You and Kimberly now have too many posts about Trace Atkins songs (one is too many). I'm glad it made you cry, but I think it only made you cry 'cause Kimberly told you it would. What do I know, though. Maybe when I'm a dad, I'll cry when I listen to that stupid "Butterfly Kisses" song. No, I think I'll still hate that one. Maybe once Rivers Cuomo starts writing songs about being a dad I'll come around.

The Pants Family said...

I can't believe that Parker is still not sleeping through the night, I would just die if Gwenie was like that, I NEED sleep. Love all the ways that he talks so cute.

Amber said...

This list is a treasure..and in my opinion, it is one of the greatest reasons to blog: just so you can remember it all.

What a doll!

RobynandJoe said...

Darci--Parker is sleeping through the night, mom said that when he was really little. Avery's the one keeping us up now!

Anonymous said...

Robyn, i cried when i read this post and realized all the things I am going to miss about Emma, but i do wish she would talk more. Whenever i ask her to say mommy, she smiles really big and says "Daddy?"

Mandy said...

Ok so obviously I am in la la land...I really didn't think I had been not blogging for that long....I had so much to catch up I love your short hair...two kids will kind of do that to you! Avery is so cute...I love how chubby her cheeks are....I always feel a little bad when I see chubby cheeks and want to bite them...I know Im weird! I so know I will miss little moments too! My girls are at such fun ages it will be sad to just remember!

Benjamin said...
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