Friday, March 14, 2008


My cute little brother is 23-years old today! I was fortunate enough to be the middle child of the family, so I was the closest in age to both siblings. This meant that I got to fight with BOTH of them (and of course they ganged up on me...) One time Michael got so mad at me that he broke the sliding glass door at our house when I ran outside. Ouch. Somehow we survived and have a great relationship. Sometimes I still treat Michael like the little brother, but he has really turned into a great guy. Here are some of the things I love most about him...1. Michael is very honest (sometimes brutally honest). If I ask him his opinion, he gives it to me! He got home from his mission a few months after Kimberly and I had babies. At the airport I asked him if we looked fatter...he said "yes." We were wearing "I love Michael" shirts. Thanks bro! 2. Michael loves taking naps! When I was in High School, I lived for naps. He used to come home and make as much noise as he possibly could while I was sleeping. Once he entered the early-morning-seminary era, he understood. Now he can sleep anytime, anywhere (next to anyone...)

3. Michael is a great dresser. He has expensive taste and a real knack for fashion . His brothers-in-law may be older, but they use Michael as an example of what to wear. Joe and Michael had a great time as twins at Legoland last summer! 4. Michael has never minded being the "third wheel" with family. He loves doing things just for the memory! He convinced me to go hot-tubbing when I really just wanted to go to bed "for the memory". Michael really does remember EVERYTHING!
5. Michael loves wearing sunglasses...especially the big, dorky kind. Actually, these ones are pretty cool. Once again, Michael has GREAT taste!

6. Michael likes taking self-portraits and other random funny pictures.
7. Michael is a great uncle! His nieces and nephews adore him. Everyday Parker has a list of people he goes through SEVERAL times. He says their names and I tell him where they are. Michael is usually first on the list. Parker will be playing and will randomly say, "Michael?" I love that he loves him!

8. Michael is VERY supportive of friends and family. He recently drove alone to California for the funeral of a good family friend, Gwyn Carr. He was Avery's first hospital visitor.

9. Michael has always been good friends with my friends. When I went on my mission, he called my roommate Aubrey for help with his Spanish homework. They still occasionally chat!

10. Michael is very generous! When he was in Kindergarten, he found one of my mom's diamond rings and gave it to his "girlfriend." When my mom discovered this, she called the girl's was nowhere to be found. Michael loves finding the perfect gifts for birthdays, Christmas, etc.

11. Michael has a great sense of humor and is very understanding! He doesn't get mad at me for being an annoying (at times) mom. He was recently in the bathroom at my house while Parker was napping. I heard him singing (he has a great voice) in the bathroom and went and said "shhhhhhh" really loudly outside the bathroom door. He stopped singing and came out rolling his eyes. He handles things well...someday he'll understand!

There is SO MUCH MORE I could say about my brother. I love that he visits me regularly. He'll make some girl very happy someday! Happy Birthday, Michael. WE LOVE YOU!


Christie said...

I am LOVING all these birthday tributes! Such fun facts about Michael that I never knew. I especially enjoy him giving away your Mom's diamond ring. Ahhh!

Diane said...

I've been trying to forget about the ring for nearly 20 years now!!! That girl never knew what he gave her, and she probably tossed it after a few days. This post made me laugh out loud! So many great memories! Happy Birthday Michael!

Diane said... far as good taste in clothes...notice his socks! I've tried to sneak a few items from stores that are on his "banned" list. He always seems to find out. I remember him forbidding me from EVER wearing Sketchers too. I guess I'd have to say he has a bit of an opinion about clothes. (The apple doesn't fall far from the tree...)

Kimberly and Devon said...

I can't even think about that ring without getting a pit in my stomach! I can totally picture Michael coming out of the bathroom, rolling his eyes, in annoyance that you shooshed him while singing while Parker was napping. Too funny!

Amber said...

Wow, I would say that is a pretty sweet birthday tribute. If I did that for my brothers, I think there would be just a few more blackmail stories thrown in.

Because I am still in therapy because of them. :-)

stacy said...

this is so cute! what a fun little brother. i used to have that kind of a relationship with my baby brother and then he got married and he and his wife sat me down to tell me how they expected me to talk to him and to basicly define how our relationship was allowed to be. hahahahah! things haven't been the same since. i hope he finds an amazing woman who's worthy of all of his greatness...for your sake. haha! :)
he really sounds great!

happy birthday!

Grandma Hand said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY MICHAEL!! I have learned some things about MY FAMILY that i didn't know. I can't imagine you giving your mom's ring to a girl but oh well, nothing but new news to me. I also didn't know how picky you were about clothes, I am glad because you will always make sure your wife, whoever she is, or is it whomever she is, will always have the best. I sure do love you and have a wonderful week.

Grandma Hand said...

I really am crazy. I thought by the time I got the comment page up that I was on Michael's blog. Our little Avery is just adorable and I am sure that she is starting to make those noises and recognizing you. Time slips by too fast for me. I hope Michael reads your comment page and just chock this up to an absent mind. Love you.

Michael said...

I wish we could all just forget about the ring story. It's so embarrassing. Thanks for all the comments and birthday wishes. It was a good day. Also, I don't hate Sketchers anymore. That was in high you remember who I went to high school with? Anyway, I love that picture of me and Joe at Legoland... Did I ever mention how much I love Legoland?

Niki Carpenter said...

I hadn't checked blogs for a few days, so I got to catch up on your last three. Avery is so darling, and nothing helps cranky two year olds like sunshine. Every time Aidan starts to act up, we either go outside to play in the backyard or for a stroller ride around the block. Distraction is the best tool for tantrums!