Wednesday, June 20, 2007

directions to where I am

Be born in Salt Lake City on August 1, 1980. Have an older sister who tries to be your second mom from day one. Be called "tweetie bird" by your mom’s good friend because of your big blue eyes, chubby cheeks, and yellow hair. Have the nickname stick. Adore your big sister, but be incredibly jealous of how good she is at seemingly everything. Try to find her weaknesses and make them your strengths. Tell your mom that your favorite color is green because it means, "go". Make this your motto for life…don’t ever stop even to go to the bathroom until you absolutely can’t take it anymore. Have many accidents as a result.

Be THRILLED to have a baby brother. Try to be his third mom. Sleep in the same bedroom with your two siblings for several years. Get mad at your brother for talking in his crib when you are trying to sleep. Finally move to your own bedroom in the basement across the hall from your sister’s new room. Choose green carpet for yours. Be Teacher’s Pet every year in school. Be told by your second grade teacher that she hopes to have a daughter just like you someday. Be made fun of for having such big eyes. Squint in your third grade class picture as a result. Break your right arm while playing "whip lash" on the playground. Be hypnotized with a puppy balloon to have the bone set. Get a red and green cast for Christmas. Break the other arm a few years later while roller-skating. Decide you hate roller skating forever.

Find out you are moving to Placentia, California. Be super excited for the adventure. Live with your grandma until the day arrives and see your daddy only on weekends. Make the big move and make lots of friends right away. Be somewhat embarrassed by your small, run-down house. Be worried about your sister in Junior High. Become really close to your immediate family. Make lots of trips to Utah. Run for Student Body President in the sixth grade. Beat the girl who will become your best friend.

Spend lots of Christmas’s at your grandparents’ houses. Giggle with your sister in the sofa bed at Grandma J’s. Laugh even harder when she says, "Goodnight Lovers." Adore your dog and treat her like family. Survive Junior High. Run for Freshman Class President with a Rockin’ Robyn theme. Lose. Try out for Cheerleading and be told that you would have been the next on the squad, but you didn’t quite cut it. Don’t let the rejection get the best of you. Decide to play basketball and run track instead. Enjoy both. Play basketball with your grandpa every time he visits and be grateful for the experience. Try out for cheerleading again. Make it. Eventually become "Head of Class" and receive a small scholarship. LOVE singing and harmonizing. Try out for Vocal Ensemble and make it as one of four sophomores. Sing Tenor for a year, then Alto for the rest.

Be nicknamed "Tomate" by your Spanish teacher because of your ability to turn red easily. Be secretly happy to have the attention, but very embarrassed every day for two years as he tells the class to look at you and watch you turn red. Minor in Spanish as a result of your inspiring teachers.

Kiss your first boy by the side of your friend’s house. Be totally devastated and embarrassed when you find out that the neighbor saw and told. Break your leg on your first date. Hate having the broken leg, but somehow enjoy the attention. Sing in PRISM with your sister in a wheelchair. Get really close to your mom as she helps you shower every day. Have your best friend break her leg while carrying you in a relay race a few months later.

Spend lots of summers roasting in the sun. Wish you were as tan as all your friends. Get burned SEVERAL times in an attempt to compete. Be nagged by your mom over and over to wear sunscreen. Use Crisco as tanning oil. Go to the beach and apply sunscreen ONLY over your moles. End up with a spotted burn that turns to a spotted tan.

Date lots of silly boys. Get in lots of fights with your parents while dating the Jewish one. Become a stupid teenager and break lots of curfews. Dread coming home to your mom sitting on the couch waiting for you. Cry lots. Understand later why your parents worried so much.

Get a scholarship to spend 6 weeks living in Japan. Wish away every minute of it. Count down the days until you get to come home. Spend a semester in the Dominican Republic. Love every minute of it. Win a trip to Mexico with your roommates. Call your mom hysterically every time you leave the country because of some traumatic event.

Be one of two grandchildren present when your Grandma dies. Have a very spiritual experience that strengthens your testimony of life after death.

Spend time volunteering in the MTC. Be happy that you’ll never be a clueless missionary learning a new language since you already speak Spanish. Be called to serve in Finland. Learn the language with surprising ease. Love almost every minute of your mission. Make lifelong friends. Have a few crushes on some Elders. Be told by your Mission President to marry one of them. Be grateful he was wrong. Introduce your parents to the beautiful, cold country at the conclusion of your service.

Become passionate about health and fitness in order to lose the mission weight. Run, run, run. Sweat, sweat, sweat. Later become a Personal Trainer with a dream to open your own fitness center for women.

Decide to room with an old friend post-mission. Be sad when she decides to move to Pennsylvania instead. Live there anyway and meet a fun, charming guy. Make him work really hard to win you over. Realize you’re in love when he comes to California to stay with you and your family. Have your dad tell you for the first time EVER that he’d be OK with you marrying this boy. Decide that you’d be OK with it too. Be grateful every day that he tried so hard. Live in Utah for a while. Be thrilled when he gets a job in California. Live with your parents for two months and actually love every minute of it. Pray for months to have a baby. Wake up and realize you have a one-year-old and you’re back in Utah.

Miss your family terribly. Talk to them on the phone every day. Be grateful to have great in-laws close by. Find out that you are six weeks pregnant with number two. Be surprised, excited, and terrified. Decide to wait to spread the news. Change your mind and tell your mom as she’s shopping at Krogers Grocery Store. Tell the rest of your family. Watch your husband excitedly tell his. Decide to wait to tell your friends. Change your mind a week later. Blog about it. Anxiously wait to see who made it through this long post to find out. You’re here.

My cousin, Christie inspired this blog with her own life road map. I haven't seen her for years (excluding when we both ran in the St. George marathon) and am grateful to be re-connected through the blogging community!


Diane said...

I cried, I laughed, I remembered with you. What a journey it has been little "Tweety". Thanks for the memories!! I wondered how you'd get the news out...which proves I read the whole thing!

Kimberly and Devon said...

I cried too! What a great memory you have. I keep wondering if I wrote one of these if I would remember as much as you did. I forgot about Mandy breaking her leg from carrying you--that was so sad--she was such a good friend! Now that you've announced the BIG news, you should put a baby timeline onto your blog!

Stie: My Favorite Things said...

Yay! I loved your roadmap! So glad you joined in. And I had forgotten about your hypnotizing broken arm thing. I did remember hearing the story of "Goodnight Lovers," and it made me laugh out loud again. What a great post. So many details to learn about your cute self.

And, CONGRATS on the new baby! That is so great!! I am so glad to have reconnected with your whole family through this little bloggity thing. You guys are the best. Keep us posted on due date, sex, etc. Thinking pink?

Ash said...

Congratulations!!! I'm sure the second one will be just as adorable as the first!

Michael said...

You're pregnant? I'm glad I had to find out through a blog. Just kidding...I like the road map. Maybe if I write one, I'll be able to figure out where to go from here!

Ansku said...

WOW! What a HUGE surprise!!!:) Congratulations!!! And what a cool post you had about your life. So many wonderful and interesting things in it... :)

Rachelle & Adam said...

Fun way to find out! Congratulations! And the journey starts again. I regret that this time we can't walk a mile or two to the Angel game when you are 9+ months prego, hoping it will push you into labor.

Mandy said...

Ha ha! Another friend just announced she is pregnant on her blog! It's a great way to spread the news! Congrats! I have always admired that you live life to it's fullest! You need open that gym and help me be a little more passionate about losing weight! I hate getting started, but love it when I do! YOu remembered so much! I hope you are feeling ok! I can't imagine chasing around a one year old and being pregnant! Hopefully we will be in Utah, and i can help!

Grandma Hand said...

WOW!!!! I am thrilled about your news and can't wait to see you. I know what a cute mom you are and this is great. My posterity is ever growing and all of these things that you talked about in your history are things that I surely do remember and as your mom put it your favorite color is green because it means go. I am sure that you will have all of these wonderful experiences with your family. Boy or girl doesn't matter because they are so cute and add so much to your life. MAYBE YOU WILL BE THE ONE TO CARRY ON THE FAMILY TRADITION OF TWINS. JUST FOOD FOR THOUGHT!!!!

Maylene said...

Even though I didn't know all those things about you...I guess they are all a part of you and that's why I love you so much. You are such an inspiration to those around you. At least to me! You really work hard for what you want out of life and you even seem to be super happy about it too! That is just the best attitude to have. I wish I could be more like you!