Monday, June 11, 2007

Whirlwind Weekend!

I was going to post about our fun, crazy, quick trip to California, but I think Michael summarized the trip better! Check it out here! It started out a little hectic, and I was definitely questioning whether or not we were supposed to go, but it all worked out. It was great seeing people from Placentia and especially great seeing my sister and her family. Whitney was beautiful, and the reception was AMAZING! I loved every minute (except a few of the minutes spent driving). I love California!


Mandy said...

It was a little crazy! I will have to read Michael's blog! I was so glad to see you! I WISH we would have had WAY more time to talk! It made me miss seeing you and knowing what the heck is going on in your life! Thank heavens for blogging! Parker is so dang cute! I even got a huge smile from him at the reception! Thanks so much for coming all the way! And thanks for the awesome quilt! Sophie will love it! Emma will too!

Diane said...

I love it when all of you can be together, even if we're not there. It's crazy that it is somewhat comforting. I'm glad you went and glad you had so much fun! Love you!

Grandma Hand said...

I know that together as a family you have so much fun. That is the way families should be. I am like your mom I take great comfort in all of you being together even though I couldn't be there with you. However, you are all a wee bit CRAZY.