Sunday, April 1, 2007

Easter Egg Hunt

Every year, Joe's mom has a little Easter Party with an Easter Egg Hunt for the grandkids. I think Joe and I had more fun finding the eggs and candy for Parker than he did, but he loved playing with the basket afterwards. It was really funny because he kept taking the plastic eggs and kind of throwing them behind him, but they kept getting stuck in the collar of his shirt, so he would sit and squirm trying to get the egg out.
Of course I had to implement the tradition of putting eggs on his ears. At first he didn't mind, so I got a picture (luckily). After a while he started shaking his head to get the eggs off.
This is a funny picture of Parker and Jacob (Marci's little boy). He's 6 months older than Parker. Parker LOVES Jacob. It's pretty funny because once Jacob started crawling and walking, he became pretty uninterested in Parker, but now that Parker's crawling, he is ALL OVER Jacob. If Jacob's in a corner somewhere, Parker will find him and crawl on top of him trying to get whatever he has. Jacob usually just lets him, but sits there looking worried. Parker stole Jacob's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and was kind of whacking Jacob with it! Poor Jacob!
I had to take this self portrait to show off Parker's's officially long now! I guess it'll be time to cut it soon...maybe in time for his birthday. I'm kind of scared to do it myself, so we'll see what happens.


Mandy said...

How fun! I love Easter egg hunts! I baby sat a little boy last night just a little older than Parker...and I kept thinking oh my gosh Parker is doing this. It has gone by way too fast, I can't believe his b-day is around the corner!

Diane said...

Parker's "egg on the ear" picture is a classic! I wonder if we have a picture of Luke anywhere with the eggs on his ears. I should send all of you a BIG basket full of eggs for your kids to play with.

Diane said...

A hair cut will really make Parker look grown up...are we ready for that? (The spikey thing is getting a little could do a mohawk!)

Marci said...

Parker is such a bully!! Just kidding, Jacob loves him too, he's just a little more reserved!